at the Count of Kolubia was going to be in trouble.

Before all parties could react, Hudson sent people over early to purchase serfs. I originally thought that I could pick up bargains by relying on panic, but I didn’t expect that the nobles of the Count of Kolubia had different ideas from him.
“Even if the nobles of the Count of Kolubia are unwilling to trade, we can’t force them to do anything. The Kingdom of Hesse cannot work in vain. There will be times when they cry later.
First bring these people back, break them up and settle them down. The situation in mainland China will not be stable in the future, and there will be many such opportunities in the future. ”
This is another divine prophecy, and everyone has long been accustomed to it. In the past few days, Mr. Hudson has never failed to judge the general trend.
/“Your Majesty, after many attempts, we have initially mastered the salt-making process.
Currently, boiled salt is the main method. Due to site requirements, the sun-dried salt process cannot be promoted for the time being.
The territory’s current daily salt production is about 800 pounds, and production is in the process of expansion.
The Ministry of Government plans to increase salt production to 8,000 pounds per day within this year to completely solve the salt problem in the territory. ”
Jacob said enthusiastically.
Salt is currently the largest expense in the territory. After solving this problem, all commodity mountain territories have become self-sufficient.
In the eyes of everyone, the daily production of 800 pounds of salt is already a large amount. But for Hudson, neither the daily output of 800 pounds nor the daily output of 8,000 pounds could move him at all.
With such a low salt output, it is clearly a small workshop in a township. The statistical unit used in any salt farm is tons.
/“It’s done well. There’s no need to worry about the salt-drying method. At present, our demand for salt is not large, as long as it can meet our own consumption.
It is not appropriate for the Southeastern Province to be unstable at the moment, and the Dalton family’s cheese will not be touched for the time being. I will decide whether to take action after the situation becomes clearer.
At what stage has the shipyard relocation been progressed? ”
Hudson asked concerned.
Sun salting requires not only a large and flat site, but also a natural climate with less rain and high evaporation.
The climate in mountainous areas is obviously contrary to these requirements. It can form swamp terrain, which obviously has more rain and less evaporation.
In contrast, the now widely popular method of boiling salt is more realistic.
“My lord, the relocation of the shipyard has just started. At present, we have only completed the location selection of the port and shipyard.
Construction is expected to take another year. After the construction of supporting projects is completed, the relocation plan will be fully launched.
Considering the development needs of the territory, we plan to transfer part of our produc