prevented in advance.

“Luoye Town, the disaster is so serious, didn’t Baron Cayo ask the family for help?”
Hudson asked confused.
A large-scale locust plague would cause astronomical losses to any lord.
This year’s autumn grain losses have been heavy, and there is no hope for next year’s autumn grain, or even the year after that will continue to suffer.
Many locusts have gathered into the territory. If the eggs are not eradicated, then you will be visited by “grasshoppers” every year!
Once it reaches a large scale, there will immediately be a new locust plague. It can be said that the wildfire cannot be burned out, and the “summer” wind blows again.
“It is said that they are asking for help, but the Dalton family is too busy taking care of themselves right now and has no time to pay attention to a town.
The information comes from hearsay and may not be accurate. When it comes to the Dalton family, we dare not insert intelligence personnel there. ”
Andrea, who was in charge of intelligence, replied.
Leaving the intelligence organization to an outsider who had just defected was something that Hudson couldn’t do.
It is not easy to build an intelligence organization when you have nothing.
Not to mention asking for secret information, just collecting some explicit information is very difficult.
Who keeps population mobility small?
The status of most territories is: no stranger will appear for ten days and a half.
Any stranger approaching will attract the attention of local residents. If you are not capable enough, someone will follow the clues and find you in minutes.
Hudson just wanted to get information, but was not prepared to make enemies with his neighbors. This kind of hatred-seeking thing should never be done.
Simply leave it to “outsiders” to do it. If it is really exposed, Mr. Hudson can still pretend that he doesn’t know.
It was firmly established that someone had sent a spy here to sow discord among everyone.
If you don’t believe it, you can check it out. There is definitely something wrong with the origins of these guys.
/No matter which force is traced, Master Hudson can be cleared of suspicion. Since everyone is a victim, it is natural that they should all target the guy who planted the spy together.
They are all experiences gained through bloody life lessons. When it comes to deflecting blame, Hudson is now very good at it.
As for the hidden dangers after the intelligence organization develops and grows, it is simply overthinking. Under the current conditions, it is simply not possible for Hudson’s intelligence organization to develop.
The slaves used by the nobles have served the family for generations. Their descendants are all tied together, and outsiders cannot get in at all.
If you want to play the trick of selling yourself into slavery, then go ahead and be a slave for several generations! Without the efforts of several generations, it is impossible to gain the trust of the master.
/Loyalty that has been dormant for decades is difficult to guarantee, let alone for generations.