weapon at this moment, her strength is actually stronger than that of an ordinary demon-level peak person, but she has telekinesis. Many wonderful uses. In the past nine months, Yu Neodymium has been very concerned about the telekinesis she possesses. She has found many wonderful ways to use it. Increasing the speed is how to use telekinesis. First, telekinesis can not only lift oneself up to reduce weight, but can also be used as a driving force to push oneself forward. In terms of speed, Yu Neodymium Chen is actually much faster than Yang Dingtian and others. .

The distance of two thousand meters is neither long nor short. Everyone arrived here in about ten seconds. At the farthest point in front, there was already a violent flash of energy, as well as a lot of standard energy. Floating in the air, it seemed that Pei Jiao and the others had already fought with the ghosts, so no one dared to neglect them. As soon as Yang Xuguang ran to the spot, he kept taking out the obsession food from his body, piles of rice, flour, and meat. , seasonings, and even various luxury goods were all placed outside, while Yang Dingtian was squatting beside the pit. Piles of obsession food turned into silver-white liquid in his hands and flowed down the pit. , in just a moment, a small piece of silver-white liquid appeared at the bottom of the deep pit, and this was just the conversion of more than a hundred obsessions of food.
/If we want to say that everyone is trapped in a fantasy land, and what else can they get the most besides strength, then everyone’s answer must be the absolutely identical natural weapons, and the obsession food converted from the natural weapons!
Even though everyone, including the living person Fen Nenchen and the other eight people, ate according to the habit of three meals a day and did not skimp on anything, in the past nine months, the obsession with food in everyone’s hands The number has still accumulated to nearly 30,000, especially after everyone found a way to enter the inner core of Fantasy Land. The closer to the core of Fantasy Land, the denser the number of ghosts there, and the number of true demon-level ghosts is also The more, in this way, almost everyone can get two or three natural weapons every day, and the capacity of each natural weapon is about nearly 200. In this way, the obsession food in everyone’s hands can be said to be rich in reserves. .
/Because of this, Valkyrie’s layout can almost generously use 10,000 capacity as a one-time consumption, and the others did not raise any objections. Once everyone was trapped in this fantasy, it was really It’s because they’ve had enough of this kind of confinement, and secondly, it’s closely related to the fact that everyone has a lot of obsession food in their hands.
When Yang Dingtian was concentrating on dissolving the food of obsession, the three people who rushed into the pile of ghosts were inevitably attacked and dispersed by the ghosts. After all, there were at least thousands of robot ghosts in front of them, and almost all of them w