But even when he was free, Hull did not dare to squander his time. Everything he had experienced made him know that this world belonged to those with power and status. Although the Asian and French Revolution claimed to have eradicated slavery and oppression, in fact It’s just that the hereditary nobility disappeared and was replaced by bankers, capitalists, factory owners and businessmen.
He can now be regarded as one of these people. He could have shared the dividends given to them by this society with others. Unfortunately, he has offended too many people, and there are too many people he hates. There is absolutely no relationship between them. There may be compromises.
So there will definitely be a life-and-death war.
Since the complete destruction of the Soul-Eating Cult, Hull knows that his reputation has spread to the ears of many people. This can be seen from the fact that the Brotherhood frequently sent people to say good things and say hello, and from the time when Lida’s father withdrew from Miscon. The clues can be seen when the powerful forces did not dare to take advantage of the situation and instead paid a high price to buy the land that Lida’s father gave up.
Not only these forces, but also the Yafa Army Ministry also sent people here. The guy who was originally sent to replace him was dismissed just because he showed a little bit of dissatisfaction through the gears. Since Emperor Di Neba, The War Department has never been so easy to talk to.
/Of course Hull knew the reason. During the recent period, he had looked up the magic of high-level and above, which was beyond his reach before. He even studied the legendary magic.
Because of this, he knew that the summoning system had a legendary ultimate magic – the door to another world.
Regarding this magic, even in the encyclopedia-like magic book, there is no detailed explanation. It only says that using this magic, a demon can be summoned from another world.
Hel never thought that the monster trapped in the cage given to him by the Immortal King would be a demon. Otherwise, the Immortal King would not let him search for the treasure of the imaginary Conqueror Charlie.
Isn’t that treasure that can attract the immortal king the legendary corpse of an angel or demon?
What’s locked in the cage may be alien creatures like magic shins and nerve vines, or it may be a magical beast created by the immortal king using strange methods. Anyway, it’s not a demon, but naturally he won’t explain this kind of thing. .
Although the gate to another world is fake, and the demon is also fake, the Soul Eater Sect that was completely destroyed is definitely not fake, and the people killed that day are also not fake, so many lives, so much blood , what accumulates is other people’s fear of him.
/So this time when facing him in a blood feud, it won’t be as simple as before. Either he doesn’t take action, or he will definitely hit with all his strength.
From the memory of the super warrior who was burned into a cripple, he learned a lot about the Blood Vengeance