full at the moment.

The most suitable place to treat guests is naturally the senior officers’ dining room. Hardings brought a middle-aged man in his forties wearing a dark blue pullover robe and a curly beard.
/After the introduction of Hardings, Hull got to know Master Marley. Like all magicians, Master Marley was not affiliated with the army, so he did not have a military rank. However, at least Hull did not think that he could compete with him. This master is an equal.
The layout of the restaurant is very unique, with three rows of long tables in the center, a bar on one side, and a long fireplace that takes up the entire wall.
This peculiar fireplace is also a barbecue stove. On the iron rack at the top of the charcoal fire are placed steaks, lamb chops, pork knuckles and sausages. These tempting meats are oozing with grease and dripping onto the charcoal fire, making a sizzling sound. The aroma of barbecue wafts through the restaurant.
Hull hadn’t had such enjoyment for a long time since the front line retreated. At this moment, the smell of barbecue began to stimulate his taste buds.
After reading the menu, Hull handed it to Hardings casually and said, “You are the most familiar with this place, and you also know my taste. Why don’t you help me order it together.”
“The lamb chops here are good. The taste of real goats grazing in the mountains is incomparable with those made by goats raised in captivity.” Hardings said with admiration.
Hel nodded. At this moment, he was not interested in eating anything at all.
Hardings was obviously very familiar with this place, and he quickly arranged everything. For the aperitif, he ordered a bottle of 12-year-old champagne from Obsburg. I ordered the tuna salad and the other guy ordered a carpaccio for himself.
Perhaps because business was good, the food was served very slowly. Fortunately, the three of us were not in a hurry to eat.
Hardings had already told Master Marley about Hull’s situation, so after touching the glasses once, Master Marley said directly: “I already know about your situation, and I am responsible for this matter. I will help you.” It’s just a piece of cake for me.”
Hearing these words, Hull was immediately grateful. He knew very well that sometimes a small help can change a lot of things and even affect a lifetime.
Taking a sip of champagne, Master Maren said: “Most of today’s magic systems are based on alchemy. Divine warriors actually use special methods to use human bodies as materials to create powerful or A warrior with special abilities.
“The earliest divinely gifted warriors were the famous Templars. The Templars were elites selected from among the knights. They used special alchemy to transform their physiques in order to give them extraordinary growth potential.
“Generally speaking, within two years after the Holy Knight undergoes transformation, his strength will rapidly increase by two to three times, and the increase in explosive power will be even more terrifying, up to seven times. In addition, whether it is endurance or