odriguez analyzed rationally.

Times are hard and people are so scared that they now see everyone as a threat.
No matter what happens, first analyze whether it is a conspiracy against yourself.
This over-cautious temperament allows them to avoid many risks, but the price is that they start to lose their hair at a young age.
“It’s not a conspiracy against us, but that doesn’t mean we can profit from it.
/Now that Hudson has great power, it is too easy to target us. ”
While speaking, Duke Angel also glanced at Duke Torsten.
I don’t know if there will be any accidents in other people’s business. The Rocknard family’s business will definitely not be able to continue in the Near East.
If they weren’t worried about the political influence and fear of triggering a chain reaction, they would all want Duke Torsten to return the ancestral land of the Koslow family to others.
These are all grievances from a hundred years ago. All the original direct descendants of the Koslow family are dead, and Hudson is just a side branch of the rise. It is nonsense to say how unforgettable the hatred is.
The two sides have been stubbornly fighting each other, mostly because of the nobles’ face.
The more new aristocrats are, the more they pay attention to the family’s face. The lost ancestral heritage is a shame for all members of the Koslow family.
Unfortunately, there is no way to retreat from this step. The worse the situation is, the stronger you have to be.
If they show timidity to the outside world and make the outside world mistakenly think that they are in decline, it will easily trigger a group attack.
“The situation is not that bad. As a new nobleman, Hudson cherishes feathers very much and will not risk his reputation.
Hudson’s ability to hold high positions all the way depends not only on his ability to fight, but also on his reputation of being able to distinguish between public and private matters and to be principled.
After all these years of fighting in the north and south, have you ever heard of him deliberately cheating people and avenging private revenge?
Everyone in the kingdom believed that he could handle problems objectively and fairly, which was why all parties ignored his background and promoted him to the throne.
Therefore, business can still be done, but within the scope of the rules he has set, the profits may not be as high as before.
Another detail is that Hudson likes orc slaves. It can be seen from the decrees he enacted that he encourages everyone to trade slaves from the Orc Empire.
If there were enough slaves, the taxes could even be offset and the most advanced weapons could be purchased.
With such a clause, it is estimated that all smugglers will work part-time as slave traders.
We still have an advantage in this regard. It is not a problem at all to find those big tribes to cooperate and get tens of thousands of slaves a year.
If the interests are right, we may even become the best partner for Hudson. ”
Duke Rodriguez said with a smile.
As a core member of the Northland