the serfs. Putting it in the hands of elite troops will simply reduce their combat effectiveness.

Once peace returns to the two counties, the huge profits from selling weapons will immediately decrease sharply.
At that time, just selling some farm tools or daily necessities will not be very profitable.
Among the fiefdom nobles in the two counties, the income of the Mountain Territory may be higher, but it is simply impossible to be as unparalleled as now.
/It is estimated that this person also saw this, so he recruited people from the outside world in an attempt to develop the vast area of ​​​​the Salam Mountains.
This is a long-term project. Without the continuous investment of hundreds of thousands of gold coins, it will not be developed at all.
If nothing else happens, he will spend the next few decades developing the fiefdom.
/For the small nobles, this is undoubtedly the most correct choice. Once all are developed, it will be enough to return the Koslow family to the middle-level nobles.
But that’s the limit. The strategic focus is on territorial development, and he no longer has enough energy to compete with you, young master, for the dominance of Wright County.
The top priority is to integrate the fiefdoms as soon as possible. Only by concentrating our strength can Dadir City be restored in the shortest possible time.
As the largest city at the southern end of the Southeast Province, Dadir City is naturally suitable to become a commercial and trade center. This is our greatest advantage. ”
Although the old man spoke lightly, as if he didn’t take Harder seriously at all, he couldn’t hide the envy in his heart.
If you develop steadily, you will be able to steadily enter the ranks of middle-class nobles, so why do you have to go through so much trouble?
Slowness is not important, the key is to be steady. If it doesn’t work in ten years, then twenty years. If it doesn’t work in twenty years, then thirty years. If it doesn’t work in thirty years, then fifty years. Just waste it slowly on the land.
The input-output ratio is indeed low, but for nobles, they should not only focus on short-term economic benefits, but also focus on the long-term future.
The upper limit of the Mountain Territory is mid-level nobles, so why not the upper limit of the Dadir Territory? Even if he seizes the position of county guard, at most it can only support the Sith Baron to become a middle-class noble.
Let Hudson take advantage?
This conclusion is actually a fallacy. Before Hudson moved into the Salam mining area, the efficiency of iron smelting was not so high, and the quality was even appallingly poor.
It can only be used to forge farm tools and daily necessities, and it can even be used to forge inferior weapons. The profits from the mining area are far less than what they are now.
After excluding all the lord’s expenses, the balance is only a few thousand gold coins at most. Trying to complete the investment of hundreds of thousands of gold coins is simply a joke.
If it were easy to do, the original lord wo