waves, but there are still abnormal times.

Once a full-scale war begins, the lives of ordinary people will inevitably be affected, and a breeding ground for cults will emerge.
In addition, the armed forces of local nobles were concentrated on the front line, and they were unable to continue to suppress them, which could easily lead to chaos.
At this moment, taking action to help the major nobles along the coast are actually helping themselves.
These guys have money in their pockets, so the kingdom can afford to continue the war. They will not exploit the local area at all costs in order to raise funds for the war.
Especially the food gap requires them to vigorously develop marine fisheries.
Once supplies of materials are provided, the rations of the people at the bottom will not be cut. Only if the days go by can the cult organization be suppressed.
In comparison, what the ghosts want is not worth mentioning.
Hudson knew all the supplies on the list. It is considered precious, but it is not hard to find.
/As long as each family is willing to contribute, it is not difficult to gather the materials above.
If you still can’t do it, then it’s a matter of sincerity. Once you hit the south wall, you will naturally look back.
“Okay, Lord Count!”
Jacob replied helplessly.
On military issues, he understood nine out of ten, but he really couldn’t solve the remaining one. Now I watch everyone go to the battlefield, while I stay and guard the house.
Hudson could only pretend not to see this scene. Taking the team to the front line is secondary to gaining military merit, but mainly to broaden their horizons.
As the territory continues to grow, Hudson is convinced that he needs more talents who can stand alone. It’s too difficult to poach, so you can only cultivate it yourself.
If we really have to fight with troops, military generals are actually more reliable. No matter how rich the theories of civil servants are, they will fall apart in practice.
The number of talented people who are both civil and military and capable of serving as generals and ministers is too small.
I don’t expect to have them all, but in the unstable continent of Aslant, if you want to take control of one side, you still need to have some military capabilities.
Even if he had a little bit of military talent, Hudson wouldn’t mind cultivating him. If you don’t have any talent at all, there’s really nothing you can do.
After arranging the territorial affairs, Hudson took a few members of his team, summoned Maxim and went straight to the military camp.
Fort Augustus, once an important strategic location in the Principality of Mossi, has once again become a battlefield.
Facing the attack of the foreign coalition forces, the defenders performed extremely tenaciously, but they were still unable to reverse the decline on the battlefield.
Viscount Raquel, who was pushed to the forefront by the times, was also on the verge of crying. I don’t know who slandered the king, saying that he had obtained the true biography of Hudson.
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