(The final step of the Conferred God Plan has arrived!)

Each attack is enough to spread to 10,000 meters away, and its power does not weaken much even when it reaches the farthest point. All souls affected by it, except for the true demon level, can barely survive, The rest of the souls all turned into nothingness. Of course, if they were hit directly, even the true demon level would not be able to get away with it. Most of them were directly annihilated on the spot.
/But these people are souls, which are completely different from those soul armies. Although they do not have the rigid discipline of the soul army, they have more flexible minds. Since Gong Yeyu is not easy to mess with, then go kill Gong Yeyu’s partners. Bar! It would also help to divert some of Gong Yeyu’s attention!
/In this way, after hundreds of souls died, the remaining souls were divided into two teams. One larger team surrounded Pei Jiao and others, while the other smaller team continued to contain them. Gong Yeyu, but most of the people who stayed behind were true demon-level experts, and there were actually dozens of them!
As for the smaller team, there are more than ten true demon-level experts, and most of the remaining soul members are at the peak of demon-level strength!
You know, the true demon level is not a piece of cake, it is a transcendent person who must find his own heart, see his own heart clearly, and implement his own heart!
Just like Zhang Heng and others, eating obsession food in fantasy land, their obsession has already reached a very terrifying level, but even so, they are still at the peak of the demonic level. The only reason It’s just that they haven’t found their original intention and haven’t implemented their original intention.
But what is going on with these people in front of me? No one would believe it even to death. These true demon-level experts sent by the World Government are all true demon-level experts who have gone through the journey of seeking truth and implemented their true intentions. That is almost impossible!
This must be another trick of the World Government. God knows what method they used to allow so many souls to advance to the true demon level. However, it seems that this method also has some limitations, otherwise the people who come this time will not be six. There were not seventy true demon-level powerhouses, but hundreds of true demon-level powerhouses. Even if Gong Yeyu and Pei Jiao joined forces at that time, the remaining people would probably be in trouble. After all, although these two people are strong, , but there are only two of them. Naturally, I am not afraid of letting go and fighting. However, if I want to protect someone, once there are too many enemies, I will not be able to do it. Although I am fine, the person I want to protect is likely to be in the chaos. die.
The most critical reason why Gong Yeyu rushed forward in such a hurry this time was that there was Pei Jiao behind him and a group of friends. He could freely let go and fight with confidence and boldness,