s without missing any fallen nobles.

It is not equivalent to the potion formulas of Sequence 8 and Sequence 7. In other words, I cannot make the corresponding request of “psychiatrist”. “Justice” Audrey should think about it seriously.
During this process, she secretly glanced at Mr. Fool at the top of the ancient long table, hoping to get some hints. As a result, she found that Mr. Fool was shrouded in gray mist and showed no reaction, as if a god was watching the earth. .
Okay, Audrey finally made a decision and said with a smile:
“I want to hear about some extraordinary pathways, but only if I don’t know them.”
“Dear Mr. Fool, can you make a judgment?”
“Okay.” Klein replied calmly.
“Then let’s communicate alone.” Audrey looked at “The World”.
At this time, Klein tapped the table, blocking the sight and hearing of The Sun and The Hanged Man.
He deliberately nodded to the trumpet, indicating that he was now communicating alone.
“The World” looked at Miss Justice and said in his usual hoarse voice:
“What do you know about the Witch Cult?”
Audrey recalled the information she bought from Alger “The Hanged Man” for 1,000 pounds last time, and answered briefly and cautiously:
“I know what they believe in, which era they originated from, what extraordinary paths they have, and what tendencies the higher-ups have.”
“The World” laughed hoarsely:
“I see, you don’t know much.”
“The Witch Sect controls the assassin path, and Sequence 8 is the instigator.”
“I know this.” Audrey said half as a reminder and half in anticipation.
“The World” raised his hand, touched his chin and said:
“Then do you know what the corresponding sequence 7 is?”
Audrey shook her head slightly: “I’m happy to listen to your story.”
“Sequence 7 of the Assassin pathway is called a witch.” “The World” said succinctly.
“Witch” Audrey was startled by this word, and naturally had corresponding associations in her mind, “If, if a man takes this magic potion, how should he act?”
Wearing a beautiful dress, applying exquisite makeup, and imitating a lady in every move, she whispered in her heart, a little disgusting but also inexplicably amused.
“No, Miss Justice, when a man takes this potion, he can no longer be called a man. He has become a real lady.” Klein resisted the urge to click his tongue and manipulated “the world” to answer.
“Goddess, the witch’s potion can change a person’s gender,” Audrey blurted out.
This, this is really unimaginable. Mr. “Fool” did not deny it, indicating that it is true. This is simply a miracle. This is the mysterious and extraordinary world. This is the world full of all kinds of incredible things. This is the world I yearn for. , Why am I a little excited? After calming down a little, Audrey gave Mr. Fool a quick and guilty look, and felt a little regret for actually reciting the name of the goddess of the night in front of him.
/“The World” said in a low voice:
“Yes, but you can only turn men into women. Women will increase their charm accordingly. No matter their appearance or skin condition, they wi