People come and go on the streets here, carriages come one after another, and strange machinery can be seen from time to time.
/The further east you go, the more chimneys and thicker smoke you get. The further west you go, the higher the terrain becomes. Houses that are grey-blue, off-white or light yellow are winding upwards, surrounded by a gorgeous palace, surrounded by a tall The towering Gothic bell tower.
The bells echoed, and Klein woke up, knowing which city he had just seen.
“Land of Hope”, “Capital of All Capitals”, Backlund
Since Zangwill went to Backlund, he didn’t know how long he would stay there. Every once in a while, it could be confirmed that Klein leaned forward thoughtfully, wiped off the content on the surface of the parchment, and wrote something new. Divination statement:
“Lanervus’ current location.
/In his view, there is no doubt that the culprit who caused the death of the captain and others and almost put himself into eternal sleep is Ins Zangwill, but Lanerwus, a madman, is also an accomplice who cannot shirk responsibility, and must pay for it with blood. price
After reciting silently seven times, Klein entered the dreamland again, but the scene that appeared after the gray world split was exactly the same as what he saw just now.
A wide, slightly turbid river, piers one after another, row upon row of houses, various buildings dominated by the Loen trend with occasional Gothic style, crowded streets, bustling scenes, and a place that constantly sprays “fog”. Chimneys, extremely gorgeous palaces, tall and iconic Gothic clock towers
Lanruth is also in “Land of Hope” and “Capital of All Capitals” Backlund
Klein opened his eyes, slightly confused, because he wanted to divine the specific location of Lanerwus, but the result was still only a very large and vague range.
“This means that Lanreus’s sequence is much higher than I expected. It may also be that he gained huge benefits in the process of helping the true creator to give birth to heirs, for example, a little divinity, for example, similar to Megoos The umbilical cord-like object left in the baby’s belly was probably taken away by Inszangwill.” Klein’s thoughts were racing, and he whispered to himself, making preliminary guesses.
After confirming the vague locations of the two enemies, he considered another practical problem, that is, he did not yet have the strength to take revenge.
Even if Lanrevus only has Sequence 7 or even Sequence 8, he is not easy to deal with after gaining huge benefits, and he is obviously good at cunning. It is normal operation to trick a strong person who is stronger than himself. Because Zangwill is Even more terrifying, I am a Sequence 4 demigod, and possesses a terrifying “0” level sealed object. Although my time travel still hides some secrets, it obviously cannot be transformed into combat effectiveness, and it may not be possible for a long time. There are only two ways to continue to improve your own sequence and collect powerful magical items. Both hands must be strong.