a little heavy.

“What are their endings?” Klein’s heart tightened and he blurted out.
/Could it be that the Church of the Goddess of the Night regards the “acting method” as the temptation of evil gods and demons?
The translucent face with no eyes, nose and ears suddenly laughed out loud: “Their results are all quite wonderful. Except for those who lost control and sacrificed themselves in extraordinary events, the rest have at least become archbishops or senior deacons. Among them, there is no shortage of strong men who have successfully been promoted to high-sequences. Well, in the church of the goddess, Sequence 4 and Sequence 3 are collectively called saints, while Sequence 2 and Sequence 1 are angels on earth. Of course, every angel was once a saint. .”
Ms. Dai Li, were you trying to scare me on purpose just now? Klein’s mouth moved slightly and he asked without hiding his doubts:
“Since the church has mastered the acting method a long time ago, why not tell every Nighthawk about it?”
“Although this cannot completely prevent loss of control, it can certainly significantly reduce the corresponding probability and reduce unnecessary losses.”
The translucent face with only a mouth appeared a little confused: “I don’t know why. They told me that when I become an archbishop or a senior deacon, I can understand the secrets in this area. I came to you today because I hope you can Before submitting the special application, Dunn should be informed of the acting method more clearly.”
Klein didn’t stupidly ask the other party why he didn’t do it himself, but said thoughtfully:
“Once you are noticed by the church, you must make a promise and make a vow not to tell others about the acting method.”
“Yes, swearing an oath in the name of the goddess in front of the sacred object of the goddess is binding enough. Believe me, you absolutely don’t want to know the consequences of violating it. Now I can only communicate with people like you who also master the acting method. Let’s talk, your own state has already told me the answer before you answer, so I dare to say that noun.” Dai Li let the weird face sigh.
She paused and then said:
“I only vaguely grasped the essence of the performance, so I quickly digested the potion. Yes, at the top of the church, digestion is used to describe the mastery of potions. I think this is very appropriate. In short, after I made the oath, I was told Before acting, I didn’t have a very clear understanding of this matter, so I couldn’t accurately remind Dunn and the others.”
“I had already given up, but I didn’t expect to meet you, a weirdo, no, genius who clearly understood the acting method before submitting the special application.”
So that’s how you look at me? Ms. Klein twitched the corner of her mouth and solemnly promised:
“I originally planned to use the special application to remind the captain of the existence of the Act. With your explanation, madam, I don’t need to worry about anything.”
/“Very good, you are such a kind young man.” Dai Li’s tone was obviously relax