tuation “embarrassing.”

“Marshal, please report it to the imperial court!
Compared with others, our performance is pretty good. At least we have retained the main force and preserved the vitality of the Imperial Court. ”
General Beamon on the side spoke to persuade.
If you can’t win, then you just suck. Anyway, there were so many big shots who suffered defeat at the hands of Hudson. If one were to pursue the responsibility, most of the five emperors would be “sinners”.
Judging from the comparison of Hudson’s past performance, the encirclement and suppression regiment only lost tens of thousands of second-rate cavalry. This wave of performance is definitely qualified.
After a slight hesitation, Daniel nodded. Usually he is just arrogant and disdains to play these little tricks, but it does not mean that his political level has really reached zero.
The defeat in the contest with Hudson was mainly due to the emptiness within the Orc Empire, and the tribe being attacked failed to buy time for rescue. As long as the remaining tribes have more troops, the enemy will never be able to come and go as freely as now.
If the troops under his command had not changed their marching route without authorization, and according to Duke Daniel’s deployment, the cavalry would have divided up halfway, and there would have been no such defeat.
“Then let’s do this first! Pass the news to the nearby tribes and ask them to be on guard.
Many horse pits were dug and many horse-repelling stakes were set up around the tribal camps. No matter day or night, there must be enough patrols. ”
Daniel ordered with a look of helplessness.
Unable to determine the movements of the expeditionary legion, he could only passively take defensive measures to reduce the losses of each tribe as much as possible.
He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but deep in his heart, there was always a voice constantly reminding him: Such a passive defense was wrong, the enemy would not be so stupid.
A wonderful misunderstanding bought enough time for the expeditionary force to evacuate. While the enemy was still preparing for their harm to the nearby orc tribes, the expeditionary legion had already traveled hundreds of miles.
With a distance of hundreds of miles, the encirclement and suppression army did not dare to divide their forces to pursue them, so they could only report the news to the imperial court.
A strange scene appeared, and the five emperors who received the news cursed loudly, saying that no one took the initiative to take on the important task of destroying the expeditionary legion.
“Emperor Beamon, you Beamon cavalry are unparalleled in the world. How about you be responsible for leading the team for this mission?”
As soon as the Bear King finished speaking, Alex stood up from his position, not wanting to bully Behemoth like this.
The Behemoth Cavalry is unparalleled in the world, so it depends on who you compare with. When they met their old enemy, Hudson, when had they ever won?
/“King Xiong, stop joking. The Behemoth cavalry is unparall