y suggestion is still the same, let him ask for help from the ‘Fool’, don’t waste time, confront Amon, the longer it takes, the more dangerous it will be.”

Leonard thought for a while, nodded in agreement and said:
“I understand, and I would advise him to do the same.”
Of course, he would not forget to mention the unlikely solution given by the old man.
“Just understand. Really, disturbing an old man from reading a newspaper…” Pales muttered, his voice gradually became lower and disappeared from Leonard’s mind.
At No. 7 Pinster Street, the newspaper placed on the coffee table suddenly flew up and unfolded in front of the sofa.
“The rule that the ‘deception’ spell ‘deception’ can only be resurrected in the area around the original body?” Above the gray fog, in the ancient palace, Klein used his own words to reconstruct Pales Zoroaster’s ” suggestion”.
As soon as he finished speaking, he recalled the leather lantern that had been lit for a long time: Amon “cheated” the laws of nature, leaving the candle in a magical state and able to shine for a week without the need for fuel.
Klein’s eyes suddenly lit up and he whispered:
“It may not be impossible!”
Like Palles, he also felt that it was easier and less troublesome to deal with the laws of nature than to deal with Amon.
After seeing hope, Klein immediately analyzed the specific feasibility:
“Although I have used that ‘deception bullet’, I can summon it from the pores of history. Anyway, before the effect ends, I must have reorganized my body and successfully resurrected…
/“The laws of nature are really pitiful. Not only have they been ‘cheated’, but even the items used to ‘cheat’ them are false…
“The only problem is that the bullet may really not be able to ‘cheat’ the laws of occultism. It seemed a bit reluctant to deal with Qonas Korg…”
While his thoughts were swirling, Klein slowly looked around and gradually gained inspiration.
That is to use “Origin Castle”!
/After initially mastering the “Origin Castle”, he was able to mobilize the power of the Sequence 2 angel level here.
And many things he had come across before showed that “Origin Castle” has a high probability of crossing the three paths of “divineer”, “apprentice” and “thief”, and can have a convergence effect on the corresponding extraordinary people, and it has clearly attracted Amon’s covetousness.
In other words, Klein suspects that “Origin Castle” has the power of these three pathways at the same time, but he is a “seer” himself, and most of what he can usually leverage is concentrated in this field.
“With the help of the medium of ‘Deception Bullet’, I may be able to leverage other powers of ‘Origin Castle’… Since I can already use some ‘miracle’ abilities in the ‘Seer’ realm, then the power of the ‘Stealer’ path It is a very reasonable inference to have angel-level power. The only problem is that there must be a medium of sufficient level… In this way, there is no need to worry about ‘cheating’ the rules…” As he thought about it, Klein’s thoughts suddenly wandered. Be c