yes. Her arms are getting worse and worse… Jasmine looked deeply at her parents and did not wake them up.

Stepping lightly, Jasmine entered the inner room and poured out the last few pennies from her almost empty piggy bank.
She then left the apartment and boarded a trackless stagecoach.
/——She was afraid that she would go too late and the “fully automatic wishing machine” would have disappeared.
At this time, there were many passengers on the public carriage, most of whom were going to the carnival. Jasmine looked around and saw that there was no place, so she had to hold the stand and stand in the aisle, crowded with many people.
A little over ten minutes later, she got off the bus and turned into the same street.
When the brass-colored machine inlaid with several pieces of glass came into view, Jasmine breathed a silent sigh of relief and quickly approached.
During this process, she looked around but did not find the magician named Merlin Hermes.
“It’s really fully automatic and you don’t need him by your side?” Jasmine whispered doubtfully.
She didn’t waste time, took out a 1 penny copper coin and put it into the “fully automatic wishing machine”.
/“I hope my parents will recover and my family will become rich.” Jasmine whispered her wish and closed her eyes, waiting for a miracle to happen.
The next second, she heard a jingling sound, like coins rolling out of the “automatic wishing machine”.
Jasmine opened her eyes in shock and looked forward, only to see that the 1 penny copper coin she had just thrown in had fallen into the small tray outside the coin slot.
Can’t this wish come true? Uh, one wish can’t contain too much content? What I just made is actually two wishes… Having the experience of being cured of burns, Jasmin did not suspect that there was something wrong with the “fully automatic wishing machine”.
She thought about it seriously, then put the 1 penny coin into the coin slot, then lowered her head and whispered a wish:
“I want my parents to be healthy again.”
This time, she heard a gentle knocking sound from the “fully automatic wishing machine”:
When Jasmine saw that the copper coin had not been spit out, she knew that her wish had been fulfilled. She couldn’t wait to go home and see how her parents were doing.
She originally planned to make a wish to make her family rich, but when she thought that her father was almost certain to become a government employee in Limon City and the family’s income would be guaranteed, she couldn’t help but have other thoughts.
After she was ten years old, she had already realized the fact that she was not good-looking at all. This did not mean that people around her would dislike her or say that her appearance was not up to standard, but that among her playmates, there were two girls who were quite good-looking. For beauty, this allows them to receive preferential treatment many times and experience the kindness of the world.
Under such a comparison, Jasmin would inevitably dream that she would become more and more beautiful as she