ndead here to a limited extent. , I was very puzzled at the time, and today I finally came up with a guess, suspecting that this is related to the ‘River of Eternal Darkness’, one of the nine major sources of matter…

“The war that lasted for more than a year is finally over. The ‘Night Goddess’ won the final victory, and the ‘God of War’ fell as a result. I think, with your level and status, you should know what this means…
“No matter what, the long-lost peace has arrived, and people are gradually returning to their normal lives. This is a picture I like, but some pain may never be healed…
“I don’t know if the end will come on time, and I don’t know when you will wake up. I can only hope that everything will develop in a good direction.
“Finally, let me talk about a trivial matter. I have been promoted to Sequence 2 and became a ‘Miracle Master’. This is both a curse and a hope.
“Best wishes, your eternal student, Klein Moretti.”
After finishing writing, Klein checked it carefully before folding the letter and blowing the Azik bronze whistle to summon the bone messenger.
When this huge messenger emerged from the ground, all the bones in his body were shaking, as if he sensed the aura of the “great master of the spiritual world.”
Klein chuckled, handed the letter to the unknown courier, and watched as it bowed awkwardly, then disintegrated into a fountain of bones and burrowed into the ground.
After doing this, Klein turned his attention to the “magic mirror” placed on his lap.
Feeling his gaze, the water on the surface of the mirror rippled, and one pale silver word after another appeared:
“Great Master, where shall we go next?”
Where to go? Klein repeated this question in his mind. He wanted to “teleport” directly to the main peak of the Honakis Mountains and enter the ancient palace between reality and the foggy town to see if there was any chance of getting help from the Antigonus family. Half of the “Fool” took away the “blasphemous card” that was most useful to him.
/With his current strength equivalent to most of Sequence 1, this is not an impossible task – when Zarath was in Sequence 2, he could get the main material of “Servant of Secrets” from half of the “Fool”.
Of course, the premise of everything is that the “Goddess of the Night” maintains the suppression and seal of the Antigonus family ancestors.
/So things circled back to the deal with the “Goddess of the Night.”
Now that I am the master of “Origin Castle”, I can separate some of the “Spirit Worms” to stay above the gray fog and respond to prayers at all times. In this way, in addition to certain hidden dangers in my mental condition, there are also disadvantages in other aspects. The small advantage is, well, I can not only support the main body at any time, but also have a method of resurrection… Even if the main body is completely wiped out, relying on those “spiritual insects” above the gray mist, I can reorganize my will and body… However, if the part of me that walks in reality is “hidden” and the connection with “Orig