inguishable gibbering echoed in his ears, which seemed to come from an era older than ancient times.

Klein’s expression instantly became distorted, looking extremely ferocious.
He can still barely maintain his sanity, but he no longer has the energy to stay in the fragments of history.
Silently, Klein fell back to the caretaker’s residence in the “Giant King’s Court”, and as soon as he thought about it, he was about to enter the gray mist.
——Before planning to do such a dangerous thing, he undoubtedly found reasons and excuses to arrange for the members of the Tarot Club to pray in order to awaken the independent “summoning” ability of “Origin Castle” so that he would not have to go backwards in times of crisis. In four steps, reciting the incantation, you can return to the gray mist.
However, as soon as Klein’s spirit body saw the gray mist and heard the familiar roar, it felt the rejection of “Origin Castle”. It didn’t know whose order it accepted, and actually blocked Klein from entering.
This… Klein was shocked when he discovered that a black shadow passed over him and headed straight for “Origin Castle”!
This is not Amon, but a shadow that is completely consistent with his own aura!
Subconsciously, Klein reversely influenced “Origin Castle” and expressed his intention to refuse.
Then, he succeeded, and the shadow was also blocked in the gray mist.
Immediately afterwards, he and the shadow fell back into the real world at the same time.
/After the spirit body returned to the physical body, Klein bent his back in unbearable pain, like a curled-up shrimp creature.
Bang, the half-high silk top hat on his head fell to the ground.
After several seconds, Klein finally regained his composure, slowly straightened up, and turned his gaze to a glass window made of orange gemstones.
The window vaguely reflected his current appearance:
With the bridge of the nose as the boundary, the right side of the face is as usual, while the left side has countless things crawling in and out.
Klein’s eyes suddenly narrowed slightly.
He took a deep breath, calmed down, and regained control of the “Joker”.
His clear appearance was then outlined in his mind:
Wearing a black trench coat, with black hair and brown eyes, the right side of Gehrman Sparrow’s face is as usual, while the left side has become translucent and is made up of twisted worms.
Looking down from his head, his neck was in a similar state, as was his body covered by clothing.
On the verge of losing control…hiss, needing to fight against a strong tendency towards madness…Why is this? Klein suddenly felt something in his heart and instinctively lowered his head and looked at his feet.
It was empty there, missing the shadows that should have been there:
The orange dusk light reflected from the window, failing to create any shadow next to Klein.
“Haha, I understand.” Klein arched his back and let out uncontrollable laughter.
He suspected that the “sea water” gushing out of the Giant King’s palace not only “drowned” his marionette and historical pr