the cause of death.

“At the same time, two groups were divided. One group went to other carriages to look for the conductor and driver, and the other group explored the scene for traces and collected corresponding information. When the sun rose, they conducted an investigation from both the train personnel and previous passengers to find common ground. points and special points.”
Although many passengers did not show their identification documents when purchasing tickets, the chief inspector believed that they could always find some people who had truthfully registered their circumstances and then ask them if they had noticed any unusual circumstances or noteworthy passengers on the train.
As soon as he finished speaking, a biting cold wind came from nowhere and roared through the car.
After everything calmed down, the chief inspector was about to emphasize what he just said, but suddenly realized something was wrong:
The steam train staff sitting in the back seat still had his eyes open and his face was pale, but his mouth had been closed at some point, and his eight teeth were no longer exposed.
In a luxurious room of a hotel, the wall lamps on the wall complement each other, illuminating the carpeted area with tables and chairs extremely brightly.
Klein had transformed into Gehrman Sparrow, sitting on the single sofa and raising his left foot to his right leg.
Next to him stood the local “winner” Enzo, and in front of him stood a row of cult marionettes.
These are some of the people who tried to sacrifice all the passengers on the steam train before, led by the man with the red and swollen patch on the side of his face, the conductor and the driver.
They came in different shapes and detours from different neighborhoods to meet here.
“Who asked you to make sacrifices?” Klein said in a low voice.
After being promoted to Sequence 4 and becoming a “Cunning Mage”, he can no longer just read thoughts from the superficial consciousness of the Marionette, but can also use the improved “Spirit Body Thread” control to directly do things similar to channeling. .
/Of course, the higher the level of the marionette itself, the worse the effect of channeling.
After a brief silence, the train conductor, who was obviously from Loen and had a thicker body, said numbly:
“It’s a decree from God.”
“Which god?” Klein took a sip from the bone china teacup handed over by “Winner” Enzo.
The conductor responded dully:
“God is God and nothing else.”
Klein put down his cup and asked instead:
“How did He send the oracle and what did He specifically say?”
The conductor suddenly became very respectful:
“He gives decrees through divine objects that we should please Him with a sacrifice of multitudes of lives, and He will grant us eternal life in His kingdom.”
A large number of life sacrifices. Compared with the Spiritual Religion, the Rose School prefers similar things. They have always been famous for their bloody sacrifices, and the saying that they can obtain eternal life in the kingdom of God is similar to some of t