he once lived, he would not be able to return to a normal life. Fortunately, I can’t leave immediately now, so I can stay and think about him again.

he once lived, he would not be able to return to a normal life. Fortunately, I can’t leave immediately now, so I can stay and think about him again.
I went to see Gan Kai, but my impression of Gan Kai couldn’t be dissipated from the time he stood at the door with his weird smile. But when I looked at him, he was still lying on the bed, in a coma, but It was daytime now and I knew that at night he would wake up again and wonder what he would do.
I felt that if I returned to it, I would never encounter similar things again. Naturally, I needed to know what Gan Kai was doing at night, so I stayed in Gan Kai’s room the rest of the time. As for Wang Cheng, I asked He acted on his own, not knowing what he was doing, and not wanting to care about what he would do.
After dark, I tried to hide myself a little so as not to disturb Gan Kai. Sure enough, at night, Gan Kai woke up on his own, as if on a regular basis, and then unplugged the instruments and tubes on his body. Walking out, I followed him quietly. I felt that his state was a bit like sleepwalking. He couldn’t realize that I was behind him, but he seemed to be awake. In short, I couldn’t confirm his state. He should be under the influence of sleep. the effects of drugs.
/I saw him entering the building, so I followed him up, and then I discovered a strange phenomenon, that is, he would randomly choose a room to live in, and then stay there all night, until he returned around the morning. When I came back, it was only then that I understood why there was always a messy room when I tidied it up every day. It turned out that Gan Kai would stay in it at night. But what puzzled me was why he would What’s the purpose of doing this?
I didn’t understand for a while. I’m afraid even he himself couldn’t explain the reason for this problem, because I felt that when he woke up, he probably wouldn’t remember that he had ever had such an experience, only that he was in a coma. , and to know this, you have to ask Mr. Yin.
But then I searched the entire nursing home and couldn’t find him again, so I had to give up.
On the second night, Wang Cheng disappeared. I don’t know where he went. I don’t know if he couldn’t stand it and ran away, or if he disappeared like the people in the story told by Mr. Yin. In short, I didn’t see him. People couldn’t find where he was. Although they were also confused, that was all.
Gan Kai woke up on the third day. After he woke up, he found me. As I thought, he didn’t remember why he was here or why he was in a coma, including what happened during his coma. But he did remember one thing, that is, he was looking for me before he fell into coma, and he had something very urgent to tell me.
I asked what it was about, but he didn’t remember much. He just said that there was a letter, a letter from me, and that I had to see the contents. As for the specifics, he couldn’t remember it. I asked this Where was the letter? He thought for a moment and said it was with Zhang Ziang.
Hearing him say this, I seemed to have a look of despa