improving their living standards was not considered at all.

Everyone didn’t care about the serfs, but they paid special attention to their elite soldiers.
They are all meritorious officials. If conditions permit, they must naturally give the soldiers a better life. Otherwise, who would be willing to sacrifice their life?
“Then trouble Baron Hudson!”
Baron Kettle said calmly.
Seeing that the two carriages he had brought were fully loaded, and there were a pile of farm tools waiting to be loaded on the ground, which only cost 401 gold coins, Mr. Keterai immediately stopped panicking.
Having bought all the farm tools he needed most, the rest was no longer a problem. Anyway, he made up his mind to only make the minimum consumption.
Seeing that he couldn’t get any more wool out of him, Hudson didn’t bother to waste any more words and took Baron Kettle directly into the kitchenware warehouse to select.
It is said that it is a choice, but in fact it is just a show. After hurriedly collecting the minimum consumption amount, Baron Keterley said goodbye and left directly.
Looking at that posture, it seems that if you stay in the mountain territory for a moment longer, you will encounter something ominous.
But thinking about what happened to him, Hudson also expressed understanding. Every time I come here, I will bleed a lot, and the Mountain Territory can indeed be regarded as an ominous place for Baron Kettle.
After sending away Baron Kettle, Hudson discovered that there was a problem with his business model. The development customers are all nearby neighbors, and there are no big customers from outside.
Occasionally, a few businessmen come to the door, and they are more interested in selling goods than purchasing. It’s not that businessmen can’t see business opportunities, it’s just that Hudson’s products are too special.
/Weapons and equipment are the best to sell. Unfortunately, if you don’t have any strength, you can’t do this business at all.
Although daily necessities such as farm tools and pots and pans were not risky, nobles and lords were accustomed to buying iron and casting it themselves.
Compared with finished products, it is obviously more cost-effective to process them yourself. Unless Hudson can significantly reduce the selling price, making it cheaper to purchase the finished product than to cast it themselves.
Obviously, this is impossible. Even if Hudson wants to engage in cheap dumping, it must first complete industrial production.
With the little production capacity in the territory, there is no possibility of dumping. His only advantage is that he controls the largest iron ore in the southeastern province and can influence the iron price on the market.
The current increase in the price of iron products on the market is not only caused by the local nobles driving up prices, but also largely caused by him stopping selling iron to foreign countries.
An embarrassing scene occurred.
Profitable sales of weapons in a short period of time mainly depended on the needs of local nobles to expa