a message. The next day, two other nearby neighbors also came to visit.

Like the unlucky Coelho, they also received friendly greetings from the lord of Maple Leaf Town.
Unlike Coelho, who brought disaster from the sky, and unlike a group of nobles who led troops to rob people, they just picked up a few refugees along the way.
/Although the operation mode is somewhat similar to what Hudson did before, it is definitely not his fault. The fact that his master has not come to his door yet proves his character.
A sheep is driven, and a group of sheep is also driven. Anyway, he is just a mediator. Whether they can reach an agreement in the end depends on them. Hudson doesn’t mind selling a favor three times.
As for promoting weapons, that is just a habitual incident. This is not because Hudson wants to make money from them, but to take their money and do things for them.
Equipped with iron weapons, even if they are just serf soldiers who have just put down their hoes, they still have a certain degree of lethality.
If they attack in formation with four to five meter long spears, even if they can’t kill anyone, they can still scare a lot of people.
If a fight really started, a few hundred serf soldiers could at least achieve a record of thirty to fifty to one. If they were lucky, they might even be able to set a record of ten to one or eight to one.
Of course, he was the party with the greater casualties. After all, the enemy is an elite from northern Xinjiang. They can inflict ten times or eight times the casualties and exchange enemies, which is not a disadvantage.
This is the confidence to go to the negotiating table. If he really had the strength to cause dozens of casualties to the opponent on the battlefield, it would be enough to make the Lord of Maple Leaf Town think twice before taking action.
Unlike those mature and overpopulated lords, they can have a fight with their neighbors without any problem, and it doesn’t matter if dozens of people are killed or injured.
As a lord in the entrepreneurial period, every labor force in the territory is valuable, especially the elite soldiers who have been painstakingly trained.
Losing a few or a dozen soldiers in one battle may not seem like a big problem, but the trouble is that this is not Northern Xinjiang, and they do not have the ability to replenish them in time.
There were only a few hundred private troops in total. After a few small conflicts, one-tenth of the troops were lost, which was simply unaffordable.
As a local snake, he is not so easy to give in. Anyway, there are rules for PK battles between nobles. No matter how much trouble there is, you can’t kill nobles privately.
Failure once is just the beginning, and calling friends and finding ways to get back on track are all indispensable links.
Once the flames of war are ignited, the only way to end the dispute is to fight a few more times and completely defeat the opponent.
In the aristocratic world, fighting and killing are just the spices of life. More importantly, it is human nature, and smart