receiving the sacrifice, sighed silently, sat down at the desk, and took out a transparent worm.

As soon as he saw the bug, he felt a headache, recalling the pain of his mental body being torn apart.
This is the “spiritual worm” he split from himself to make the reward for Will Asceptin, the “Snake of Destiny”.
He already had an idea on how to reproduce the item that temporarily restored the opponent’s strength, which was to use the “Spirit Insect” as a carrier and use the complete symbols copied last time to trigger a response in the mysterious space above the gray fog.
In this regard, his divination result was that things went smoothly.
“The essence of that item is actually one of the abilities of the ‘Soothsayer’ Path Sequence 3 ‘Ancient Scholar’. It briefly borrowed part of its power from history and from the past self… I used the name of ‘The Fool’ Identity response, there must be no problem…
“The only trouble is that the corresponding symbols are three-dimensional, mysterious, complex, and dangerous, and cannot be directly engraved on various metal sheets… According to Will Asceptin, meditation must be used to drive spirituality, directly on’ Worm of the Spirit’ sketched on…
“If it succeeds, I will also make one for myself and look at what I looked like in the past. I will see if it will be traced back to when Klein Moretti was a child, or if it will be a ‘cocoon’ hanging on the light door… If it is the latter, it is best Can you determine how many years you have been suspended…” Klein entered a meditative state thoughtfully, and then kept sketching symbols in his mind to guide his spirituality to reproduce the process outside and penetrate into the “spirit worm” “Inside.
This is a complex and difficult job, and you will fail if you are not careful.
Invisible symbols fell one after another and were added to the “Spirit Worm”. Suddenly, Klein’s body shook slightly, and the “Spirit Worm” burned on its own and turned into ashes.
Looking at the empty palms, Klein had a headache and was silent for a long time. It took him a long time to say to himself:
“Life is really hard…”
Rubbing his forehead, Klein was about to try to split another “Insect of Spirit” when he suddenly saw Renette Tinichole wearing a gloomy and complicated dress walking out of the void and standing next to the desk.
There is a neatly folded letter in the mouth of one of the messenger lady’s heads.
/“Whose is it?” Klein asked casually.
Renette Tinichole’s other three heads replied in turn:
“Mushroom…” “King…” “Of…” “Boss…”
Mushroom King? Klein was stunned for a full two seconds before he realized that it might be Frank Lee.
/Frank Lee’s boss is “Star Admiral” Cattleya.
“The Mushroom King refers to Frank Lee?” Klein asked in confirmation while reaching out to catch the letter.
The four bright-looking heads with blond hair and red eyes moved up and down by their hair, as if they were nodding.
Miss Messenger also gives people nicknames… No, Frank is not only good at mushrooms, his “fields” include cattle, wh