e wiped the blood-soaked soil onto the surface of the book.

The overall progress was in line with expectations, and the director was considered a success. Klein felt emotional for a while, feeling that the potion in his body was already being digested at a faster pace.
He wasted no time and quickly arranged the ceremony, sacrificing Grossell’s Travels above the gray mist, and then took the form of a spirit body with the “Creeping Hunger”, the Azik Bronze Whistle, the Requiem Master’s extraordinary characteristics, and Sha The curse-proof golden bead given by Lun entered the world in the book.
In the world of the book, as soon as Klein appeared in a remote place outside the city, he immediately took out the remaining dark red soil, picked up a dead branch, and used the “divination staff method” to find the mummy of Tutankhas II.
/He is worried that the mummy known as the incarnation of the curse will harm the residents here. Although the world in the book is full of quasi-powerful people from Sequence 5, the mummy of Tutankhas II has lost the stimulation of Azik’s copper whistle and is in a state of confusion. It lacks mobility, but it was a semi-god and semi-human extraordinary person in life. The curse derived from the corpse after death must be extraordinary. Even Klein himself would not be able to do it without the anti-curse golden beads given by Miss Sharon. Dare to get closer.
Therefore, Klein believes that the mummy of Tutankhas II should have been taken to an uninhabited place, and in the state of this living corpse, there is a high probability that it will be milling around nearby, making it difficult to move independently like humans, elves, and giants. Explore in different directions.
In other words, as long as the time does not drag on too long, there should not be any damage, and only two or three minutes have passed from when Klein applied the bloody sludge to the cover of the travelogue.
Following the direction pointed by the “Divination Rod”, Klein rushed towards a nearby mountain peak in a flying attitude. Soon, he saw a valley.
At this moment, the mummy of Tutankhas II, wrapped in yellow-brown cloth strips, stained with dark red liquid, and wearing a gold-colored mask with colorful patterns on his face, appeared.
It made an inhuman sound from its throat, and rushed over with long strides, and the surrounding air became dim.
At the same time, throughout the valley, several mutilated animal carcasses lifted off the soil covering themselves and moved towards Klein with difficulty.
Klein, who reinforced his spirit body with the Azik Bronze Whistle, suddenly let out a “ha” sound:
“Really enthusiastic”
He calmly threw away the dead branch and picked up a dark black object.
/This is the extraordinary characteristic of the “Requiem Master” he previously released from the mutated version of “Creeping Hunger”. There is a pure light spot at the core, and the whole thing is like a night covered with stars.
The invisible fluctuations dissipated unsmoothly, and the surrounding area suddenly darkene