ere is still him as the manipulator behind the scenes!

Now we need to strengthen the confidence of the kingdom and let everyone work hard to lure the enemy into the foggy sea.
The greater the loss to the Holy See, the greater the gain to Hudson. Feeding the ghost ship is second. The key is to make the danger of the foggy sea deeply rooted in people’s hearts.
/No one dared to go there, so it became his back garden.
It is impossible that such a large area of ​​sea has no value at all. The worst thing is that there is a hidden overseas base where some shady things can be stored.
On the grassland, the orc army suddenly stepped up its offensive, and the pressure on the remaining human nations increased.
Philip I was speechless at the moment. The orcs seemed to have a life-and-death feud with him. Recently, they were always catching the Kingdom of Frantren and beating him up.
He knew the reason very well. It was simply that they controlled the only large port on the prairie, and only by taking it could they cut off the support of the Human Alliance to them.
“The orcs are crazy and won’t give us a chance to breathe.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must hurry up. Our negotiations with the Alpha Kingdom must speed up. If it is any slower, it will soon become the Four Prairie Kingdoms! ”
Philip I said angrily.
An out-of-control diplomatic dispute disrupted his evacuation plan. Deep down, he had greeted all the dignitaries of the Alpha Kingdom.
But there is no way, the negotiations must continue. With every additional force withdrawn, the chances of winning the country’s future restoration will increase.
If he is defeated, even if the country is restored in the future, he will not be able to control the situation.
Before the Foreign Minister could finish his words, Philip I interrupted; “They will indeed not block the route, they will only cause accidents to our fleet.
For example: the ghost ship they are encircling and suppressing is the best person to take the blame.
What’s more, the people in the Holy See are reliable?
Even their existence is a threat in itself!
Don’t forget where we come from.
/In the eyes of the Holy See, you and I are both heretics. ”
No matter how ugly the food in the Alpha Kingdom was, they would not dare to kill him. They would even entertain him with good wine and meat and send him back home in accordance with the rules.
Falling into the hands of the Holy See, if you are lucky, you will become a bargaining chip in negotiations, but if you are unlucky, you will be buried in the sea.
The crime of regicide is personally stressful to carry, but the storm on the sea does not matter.
It is not difficult for the Holy See to create an accident that kills chickens and scares monkeys.
“Your Majesty, if we want to speed up the progress of negotiations, we must make major concessions.
The Alpha fleet has already appeared in the open sea, waiting to receive the refugees. If I show a little sincerity first, it will be of great help to the subsequent negotiations. ”
Donnie suggested.