trash can not far away.

He snapped his fingers, causing the mushrooms to burn on their own, rising red without affecting other things around them.
This is the “magician’s” ability to manipulate fire.
After doing all this, seeing Mr. Azik inevitably looking over, Klein laughed dryly and said:
“The previous incident made Squirming Hungry a little afraid of mushrooms. I used this weakness to curb its usual impulses.”
In fact, this is of little significance for actual use, because carrying a mushroom with you to suppress the “creeping hunger” will cause the sealed object that endures hunger to bite back immediately after the mushroom disappears, unless there is something else in front of it that can be easily obtained. food” or you will only become the helper of your enemy.
“Mushroom” Azik held the gloves that were stained with blood on the surface and whispered to himself, causing the surroundings to suddenly become dark, and even the sunlight outside the window was denied entry.
One by one, pale, dark green, and complex symbols, logos, and patterns emerged out of thin air, as if they were written by invisible resentful souls, shadows, spirits, and other creatures.
They intertwined and combined in mid-air, forming a mysterious and illusory double bronze door, which seemed to connect to another world, a deep, silent, and terrifying world.
This illusory door shrank smaller and smaller, and finally fell on the “creeping hunger”, causing the blood color on its surface to quickly fade away, and paleness became the main body.
After a few seconds, the human leather glove returned to normal. It was still a thin layer, but even without the suppression of the mushroom, it did not show any mania or impulsiveness.
“Same as before.” Azik handed “Creeping Hunger” to Klein.
It feels good to have the support of a big boss. Klein sighed with emotion, sincerely thanked him, and put the “Creeping Hunger” on his left palm.
He thought for a while and took the initiative to mention:
“Mr. Azik, when I passed through the violent sea with the copper whistle you gave me, I had the same dream continuously.
“The main body of the dream is a dark and cold mausoleum that stands upside down and goes deep into the ground. There are countless coffins inside. Inside the coffins lie the dead, with dense white feathers growing out of their backs.
“Those feathers were stained with light yellow oil, and deep in the mausoleum there was a black mist that enveloped everything.
“In the dream, you and I were exploring this tomb, and something disturbed us, causing the black mist to make a wheezing sound, and illusory black thin tubes extending out.
“Every time I dream about this, I wake up. This seems to be somewhat similar to the product of the Artificial Death Project of the Spiritual Religion that appeared before.”
/Klein transformed the content of his divination using the copper whistle into a dream, and told it in more detail to remind Mr. Azik not to be careless. Anyway, “dream divination” is also equivalent to a dream in a sen