major churches and the royal government don’t know about this castle. Otherwise, they would have no reason to let go of the extraordinary materials inside.”

Speaking of which, she raised a possibility:
/“The Castle of the Blood Tribe”
This extraordinary creature likes to live in places with few human traces, and is often associated with buildings such as gloomy castles.
In addition, the information about this castle itself was also provided by the vampires.
“It’s possible.” Xio agreed at first, and then put forward a different opinion, “Are the vampires still afraid of ghosts? They must also be able to deal with the ancient resentful spirits here.”
It makes sense that those vampires don’t like money and don’t care about collecting extraordinary materials. Foer thought about Mr. “Moon”‘s performance, then denied his guess, and said after careful consideration:
“Unless there are other troubles here that are difficult to solve, let the high-level experts choose to avoid them.”
As a result, her actions will be more dangerous than expected.
Xio said “hmm” and said:
/“While the sun is strong now, we will conduct preliminary exploration immediately.”
“Okay.” Forsi took “Lemano’s Travel Notes” and approached the half-collapsed castle step by step.
The two quickly came to the entrance, which was blocked by stones for two-thirds, and found that under the green vines, the stone wall was mottled and weathered, as if it had been there for a long time.
Xio didn’t rush in. He greeted Forsi and walked slowly around the castle.
Returning to the entrance, she said doubtfully:
She observed the terrain, led Xio away from the entrance, came to a relatively intact wall next to it, stretched out her palm, and pressed it.
Although she lacks experience in fighting with people, she is quite skilled in various matters before fighting.
With the illusion of light and shadow changing in front of their eyes, Forsi and Xio entered the abandoned castle.
The first thing that caught their eyes was: the collapsed stairs, the overlapping remains of the superstructure, the pure sunlight shining in from high places, and the ground with only masonry and rotten wood, no wild beasts, bird droppings, and all kinds of green weeds. .
The whistling wind blew by, and even at noon, there was a coldness that penetrated into the bone marrow.
Forsi turned on his spiritual vision and slowly looked around, unable to see any spiritual creatures.
However, she noticed that on the right side surrounded by broken walls, there was a relatively intact stone staircase.
There are many mottled marks on this staircase, which extends all the way down, and I don’t know where it leads.
“Go over and have a look.” Forsi glanced at Xio and made his own suggestion.
When she thought about it, other parts of the castle were either clearly visible at a glance, or there were layers of collapsed objects. If she was prepared to investigate carefully, it would definitely take a long time. Therefore, it was better to roughly explore the overall pattern first, and feel a