e ceremony to summon the messenger, lit the candle, took a step back, and muttered in ancient Hermetic language:

“I call in my name:
“A spirit wandering in illusion, a friendly creature that can be driven, is the messenger of Gehrman Sparrow alone.”
In the room, the sound of wind suddenly sounded and became intense.
The flame of the candle expanded and became pale, and a bright-looking head with blond hair and red eyes emerged from it.
Leonard raised his eyebrows and was about to speak when he saw that the head was not followed by a complete neck, but by a hand pulling the hair.
Renette Tinichole, wearing a gloomy and complicated long dress, quickly walked out. The four heads she held in her hands turned at the same time, looked at Leonard Mitchell, and spoke one after another:
“Yes” “You” “Want to” “Send a letter”
This spirit world creature looks very powerful. This is the benefit that Klein received from joining that secret organization. Leonard thought as he nodded and said:
The four heads held by Renette Tinichole in both hands said again:
“You” “need” to “give” “a” gold coin.
Leonard was quite shocked that the messenger from the mysterious world also wanted to collect money for a gold coin, but he didn’t know how to react. He could only put his hand into his pocket and took out a gold coin.
Only then did Renette Tinichole raise the two blond heads with red eyes, biting the letter paper and the gold coins respectively.
Then, she stepped into the void and disappeared.
When the candlelight returned to normal, Leonard laughed and whispered:
“Strange Messenger”
As soon as he finished speaking, the slightly older voice of Pales Zoroaster echoed in his mind:
“You’d better not speak ill of Him behind His back.”
The old man called a messenger “him” and the messenger was “him”. Leonard’s eyes suddenly widened.
Pales coughed slightly and said:
“His condition is very strange, not much better than mine.
“In short, the organization that believes in the Fool is more…well, than I thought. You have to be more careful when contacting or cooperating with Klein Moretti.”
After finishing speaking, the parasite also fell silent and did not speak again for a long time.
“Leonard actually wants to use the mission to leave Backlund and get rid of the threat of Amon. This is the method his grandfather came up with. This is too cowardly.” After receiving the letter, Klein glanced at the content and muttered a few words silently to himself. sentence.
He began to seriously consider how he could use the arms deal as an excuse to get away from Backlund as soon as possible.
After thinking about it for a while, Klein, who already had a corresponding plan, successfully clarified his thoughts and determined the next few things to do.
/He shook the letter with his right hand and looked up at Renette Tinichole opposite in the red firelight, preparing to take out a Loen gold coin from his pocket to pay for the postage.
However, the messenger lady had already left, and there was no “person” across from him.