‘t be able to hold on for long.” Alger nodded and found that the cracks in the wooden wall began to crawl and recover at a speed visible to the naked eye.

He took a deep look and subconsciously turned his head to look at the position of the rudder and sail.
Even though there were many wooden boards between them, he could clearly understand the situation there.
No first mate, no second mate, no crew, no sailors, not even a living person
There was nothing there, the rudder and sail adjusting themselves eerily.
/The “Fool” whose whole body was covered in gray-white mist appeared in his mind again, and Alger suddenly sighed.
He turned his head to look at the strong wind and waves outside, and said in a sleepy tone of expectation and fear:
“A new era has begun”
Backlund, the capital of Loen Kingdom, Queens District.
Audrey Hall pinched her cheeks, unable to believe what she had just experienced.
On the dressing table in front of her, the ancient bronze mirror was broken into pieces.
Looking down, Audrey saw “deep red” flowing on the back of her hand, like a “tattoo” of stars.
The “dark red” gradually fades, eventually disappearing into the skin and disappearing.
It was only then that Audrey was sure that she was not dreaming.
Her eyes were flowing, and the corners of her mouth were turning up a little. She couldn’t help but stand up, and bent down to lift up her skirt.
After bowing to the air, Audrey walked briskly, turned her body, and danced the most popular “Ancient Elf Dance” in the palace.
Her figure was graceful, and her face was filled with a bright smile.
Dong Dong Dong There was a knock on the bedroom door suddenly.
“Who?” Audrey stopped and put on an elegant posture.
“Miss, can you come in? It’s time to get ready.” the maid asked outside the door.
Audrey turned her head to look at the mirror on the dressing table and quickly suppressed her smile, leaving only a faint smile.
She looked left and right to make sure there was nothing wrong with her image before speaking softly:
“come in.”
Turning the handle, her personal maid Anne pushed open the door and entered.
“Oh, it’s broken.” Anne saw the fate of the ancient bronze mirror at a glance.
Audrey blinked and said slowly:
“Uh, yes, um, Susie came in before. You know, it always likes to destroy.”
Susie is a golden retriever with a less pure bloodline. She was a gift from her father, Earl Hall, when he bought a fox terrier, but he is very popular with Audrey.
“You have to teach it a lesson.” Anne picked up the fragments of the bronze mirror skillfully, fearing to hurt the lady.
After doing all this, she looked at Audrey, smiled and asked:
“Which skirt do you want to wear?”
Audrey thought for a moment and said, “I like the one that Mrs. Genia designed for my seventeenth birthday.”
“But I really like it,” Audrey emphasized gently.
“You can wear it at home or on less formal occasions.” Anne said that there was no negotiation on this matter.
“Then the one Mr. Seders sent over the day before yesterday, the one with ruffled cuffs.” Audrey