nd gain everyone’s favor more easily.

Facing the scattered insect swarms, everyone can only act separately.
After a night’s rest, the battlefield has moved from outside the province to within the province. In order to catch up with the swarm of insects, Hudson had to “bear bear” again.
According to the information provided by the griffin cavalry, they ran for eighty miles before intercepting a swarm of insects.
The trick was that the Insect King was not found inside. Bear Stearns was so angry that his eyes glowed red, and he activated the gravity field and kept running through the insect swarm.
/No matter how hard Hudson tried to persuade him, it was of no use. He didn’t give up until the insects dispersed.
Looking at the dead locusts, Hudson showed no mercy at all. It’s fitting that they have short lives, yet they keep tossing around without sleep.
Wouldn’t it be better to stay in Qiaomu County for the decisive battle?
Even if it was an attack that lasted all night, Hudson recognized it.
Anyway, if the bear persists, he won’t give in.
At worst, you can just sleep on the bear’s back. With the magical blessing of the earth’s guardian, safety is still guaranteed.
Now the scattered insect swarms are flooding the southeastern province, and every team is far apart.
If they are close, they are several miles apart, and if they are far, they are hundreds of miles apart, which greatly increases the difficulty of hunting.
The most embarrassing thing was that after running for a hundred and eighty miles and catching up with the insect swarm, there was no sign of the insect king.
All the work was in vain, and the next step was to find the next swarm of insects.
Hudson was already mentally prepared for this situation. Yesterday, more than a dozen insect kings were captured and killed alive, and there were very few insect kings left.
Whether these intelligent creatures dare to enter the Southeast Province is unknown.
Even if there is a potion to lure locusts, the attraction to a being like the Insect King that has been promoted to a monster is no longer so fatal.
Otherwise, the Governor’s Mansion doesn’t need to bother, and can just put locust luring agents everywhere and lure them to their homes to die.
Merely attracting ordinary locusts will not help the overall situation and is not economically feasible.
After all, the range of influence of chemicals is limited, while the reproduction speed of locusts is infinite.
Under normal circumstances, a female locust lays dozens of eggs at a time, and they hatch in just about 20 days.
But once the insect king appears, this speed can be further catalyzed. Not only did the egg laying speed double, but the incubation time was also shortened to two days.
If the insect king is not killed, a hundred billion-level locust army can be created in a short time.
It is estimated that the speed of trapping and killing locusts may not be able to catch up with their reproduction speed.
After two whole days of busy work, I only harvested one Insect King. Such a speed was not only