e obtained by making a sacrifice in a city.

The ‘God of Evil’ had a good idea, but his followers chose the wrong target, so his plan ended before it could be implemented.
This ‘Shepherd’s Way’ inheritance also fell into David’s hands.
David introduced the “Shepherd’s Road” knowledge light ball into his own small world of soul space. The knowledge light ball was caught by the World Tree and turned into a crystal fruit.
David’s mind came into contact with the fruit, and the entire inheritance of the ‘Shepherd’s Way’ entered his mind.
The mysterious veil of belief in becoming a god opened in front of him, and he truly saw the reality of belief in becoming a god.
/This ‘Shepherd’s Road’ belief in becoming a god is very comprehensive, and it is a complete cultivation system.
‘The Road of Shepherd’ is divided into cultivation chapters, starting from attracting believers, gaining the power of faith, using the power of faith to strengthen the soul, improving one’s own strength step by step, and then to establishing a small world and lifting up the small world to become a god.
The Divine Marks Chapter records a large number of divine patterns and divine pattern formations, some of which David has mastered, and many that he has never seen before.
The manufacturing chapter is about the church making artifacts, building and strengthening small worlds, etc.
The chapter on divine magic is the knowledge of how to create divine magic.
The exploration chapter is how to enter the space turbulence and obtain items.
At this time, David no longer had any intention of looking down on the ‘Evil God’. He could not imagine how the ‘Evil God’ could have such a comprehensive inheritance of belief and becoming a god.
In fact, David misunderstood that this was not the inheritance of belief in the ‘Evil God’, or not entirely.
The most glorious era for the gods was the Age of Gods, but the previous Age of Dragons was a period when the inheritance of the gods was integrated.
Under pressure from the dragon clan, the gods selflessly took out members of their own inheritance and research. In order to survive, they continued to replenish the system of belief in gods.
In the age of dragons, the gods cultivated new gods one after another and passed on their knowledge of belief in becoming gods. In this process, the inheritance of belief in becoming gods was also gradually improved in practice.
/The Age of Dragons brought the cultivation system of the gods to its peak, which also made the dragons withdraw from the stage of history.
It is precisely because the inheritance of belief in becoming a god is almost open to the public that after the end of the Age of Dragons, too many gods emerged in the Age of Gods.
When there are more gods, believers cannot support so many gods. If the gods want to be stronger, they must gain more believers.
Although the Age of Gods was glorious, it was also the tragedy of the gods. A large number of gods died in the Age of Gods.
The ‘Shepherd’s Road’ of the ‘Evil God’ is exactly the inheritance of belief in