e average-looking Lady Mary asked proactively.

Klein smiled and said:
/“I’m Dawn Dantes, a businessman who just came from Dexi Bay and live in this neighborhood.
“Ma’am, may I have the pleasure of knowing your name?”
Mary nodded thoughtfully, roughly understanding that this was a businessman trying his best to squeeze into the upper class, just like his past self.
She smiled and said:
“Mary Short, director of Coim.”
She did not mention that she was Coim’s largest shareholder, nor did she say that she was currently a member of the Air Pollution Investigation Committee. This was Ruhn’s implicit statement.
Mary Short, this is returning to her father’s surname, right? She has been divorced. Klein muttered silently and said with a smile:
“I know this company. It specializes in anthracite coal and high-quality charcoal. It has expanded very rapidly in recent months. Haha, frankly speaking, I intend to invest, but it seems that I can’t compete with others.”
After the introduction of the Air Pollution-related Act, the demand for anthracite coal and high-quality charcoal increased significantly. Coim’s company has developed beyond its previous efforts in many years, and its overall value is said to have exceeded 250,000 gold pounds. Klein’s intention to invest is not just random talk, but he truly believes that this industry will become more important in the coming years until humans discover alternative energy sources.
Mary has always been very proud of her role in promoting the release of the air pollution investigation report and allowing Coim Company to develop rapidly. She couldn’t hide her smile when she heard this and said:
“This is because people are paying more and more attention to the environment in which they live.”
At this point, she sighed slightly and said:
“It’s getting better and better, but at the same time, there are more and more troubles.”
Because they “just” met, Klein didn’t ask what the trouble was. Relying on his previous acquaintance with Mrs. Mary, he easily found the topic that the other party was interested in, and the two of them had a pleasant conversation.
Haha, her attitude towards Sherlock Moriarty and Dwayne Dantès is very different! The person who was originally familiar had a different face and identity, and when he stood in front of her, he got a completely new one. There was no problem at all. This feeling was really amazing. As they chatted, Klein sighed, feeling that the “Faceless Man” potion he had taken was quickly digesting.
After a few minutes, a handsome man with brilliant blond hair came over with a glass of red wine, smiled and said to Mrs. Mary:
/“Mary, what are you talking about?”
“Hibbert, this is Mr. Dwayne Dantès from Disi. His experience at sea in West Balam is really interesting.” Mary immediately introduced the two of them, “Dawn, this is Hibbert. Mr. Hall, the eldest son of the Earl of Eastchester, haha, we should call him Lord, but he prefers us to call him Mr. Chief Secretary, Chief Secretary of the Air Pollution Inquiry Commission.”
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