towards the desk as if his legs were filled with lead.

He picked up the pocket watch he had put outside and checked how much time had passed.
“One to one time flow rate.” Zhou Mingrui roughly judged.
He put down his pocket watch. His head was throbbing and he couldn’t hold it any longer. He sat on the chair, lowered his head, and massaged his temples on both sides with his left thumb and middle finger.
After a long time, he suddenly sighed and said in Chinese:
“It seems I won’t be able to go back in a short time.”
Only the ignorant can be fearless. After seeing such miraculous things and learning about the extraordinary realm and the mysterious world, Zhou Mingrui no longer dared to recklessly try the “Transfer Ritual” in the ancient Fusak and Loen languages.
Who knows if there will be another situation, which may be more bizarre, more terrifying, and even make life worse than death.
“At least you have to have a deep understanding of mysticism before you can try it.” Zhou Mingrui thought helplessly.
Fortunately, the so-called “party” can help you.
There was another moment of silence, and he said to himself with emotions such as depression, loss, pain and melancholy:
“From now on, I am Klein.”
Klein tried to turn his thoughts back to methods and plans to relieve the negative emotions in his heart.
Next week we may be able to hear the recipe for the “audience” potion
The “gathering” just now was really magical. People in different parts of the world were so close to each other that they could communicate face to face and exchange information. Well, this sounds a bit familiar.
Klein was stunned for a few seconds, then burst into laughter, pressed his hands on his temples, and laughed at himself in a low voice:
“Learn about online dating platforms”
The wind was howling and the rain was pouring. The three-masted sailboat was undulating among the wave “peaks” one after another, like a toy that was thrown and caught by a giant, caught and thrown away again.
The deep red in Alger Wilson’s eyes faded, and he found that he was still standing on the deck, no different from before.
Immediately afterwards, he saw the strange-shaped glass bottle in his palm shatter, and the frost and snow turned into water and merged with the raindrops.
In just two or three seconds, this ancient wonder completely lost all traces of its past existence.
/A hexagonal crystal snowflake appeared in Alger’s palm, then quickly faded until it disappeared, as if it had shrunk in his flesh and blood.
Alger nodded invisibly as if he was thinking about something, and remained quiet for a full five minutes.
He turned around and walked towards the entrance of the cabin. Just as he was about to enter, he met a man who was also wearing a robe embroidered with lightning patterns and came out.
The man with soft yellow hair paused, looked at Alger, stretched out his right hand, made a fist on his chest and said:
“The storm is with you.”
“The storm is with you.” Alger’s rough and profound face showed no extra emotion, and he fisted