ts to save him, he must be prepared to deal with a demigod. Although his kind personality is definitely It will interfere, but at most it will reduce the strength of the “Black Saint” to a certain extent, but this is still a demigod.

Of course, there is a “Mysterious Queen” on board the “Future”, so if you really want to try, it’s not impossible, but if it’s really that easy to rescue, you can easily turn Leo Master into a kind-hearted “Black Saint”. Klein believed that the queen must have done it a long time ago, and the reason why she did not act must be due to practical obstacles.
For example, in the place where Leo Master is, the power that splits the personality of living beings makes even the “Mysterious Queen” dare not challenge Leo Master. I only restored a little bit of it in my dream, but it almost put me in a situation that was difficult to deal with, and I finally got it. The Poseidon Scepter quickly solved the problem. If we meet again in the real world, my personality will be split and I will become a member of the lunatic asylum. I must find a way to borrow the “Nightmare Candle” from Father Utravsky. There is hope for a cure, hehe, and he can also seek medical treatment from Miss Justice, but her current strength is definitely not enough. Klein joked to himself before recalling.
“Yeah.” Frank Lee believed Gehrman Sparrow, “Maybe the guy who asked for help has already died.”
Having said this, his eyes suddenly brightened, he stared at Histoll and said:
“Can the original spiritual imprint of these flesh and blood be eliminated?”
“Yes.” Histoll responded simply.
The corners of Frank Lee’s mouth opened slightly, and he smiled like a two-hundred-pound child:
“I have always been curious about the flesh and blood composition of Bishop Rose.
“I’ve always wondered what would happen if similar flesh and blood were used as a medium for crossbreeding.”
One day, you will die in your experiment. Fortunately, I will leave this ship soon. Klein inexplicably felt like a naughty child entering an arsenal.
Histoll, whose face was so pale that it was almost transparent, was stunned for two seconds, and then said sincerely:
“What do you mean?” Frank Li scratched his head, looking confused.
/Probably thanking you for restraining your curiosity and not using his flesh and blood as a test subject, your trustworthy companion Klein slightly moved his lips and tried to interpret it, feeling more and more that the first mate and second mate of the “Future” Sir, the circuitry of the brain is very strange.
Afternoon town, inside the half-collapsed church.
“Demon Hunter” Colin stood next to the clergyman wearing a simple white robe and asked in a low voice:
“What are the kings?
“What does a huge disaster mean?
“Who seduced Sasril”
The clergyman seemed not to have heard, and was still crawling there, repeating his confession over and over again, like an illusory image that was left behind due to the environment.
/Wraith, ghost, or evil spirit Derrick looked in that direction nervously.
“Demon Hunter”