ceiver to type out a simple smiley face and a line of words:

“I have asked and you have answered.”
Klein was stunned for a moment, then looked at the content in front of the illusory white paper and saw the previous question: “Is it him?”
This is okay. This counts as this moment. Klein fully realized how free the rules of Magic Mirror Arrods really are. When facing ordinary people, how strict and harsh and how bad should they be? There must even be onlookers, but here, it is just a matter of casual dealing with it and passing by, blatantly letting the water go.
/How could this guy develop such a character? Klein thought about it for two seconds and then asked another question:
“Arrodes, do you know the book Grossell’s Travels?”
Arrodes was silent for two seconds, and then made the radio receiver make a stiff beep, spitting out more illusory white paper:
“Great Master, you took great care of me in this question. I only need to answer knowing this word to solve it. I have slightly modified it for you and changed it to tell you what you know about Grossel’s travels.
“This is a very magical book, and many of its previous owners have disappeared.
“I can’t see who its creator is, but what is clear is that it first appeared in the dragon clan, after the miracle city of Levished disappeared.”
After the disappearance of “Miracle City” Levished, the embodiment of “Dragon of Fantasy” Angelweed, may be able to sell it to Miss Justice. She may be interested. If she really buys it, as As a middleman, I can study in advance above the gray fog and really find out what the problem is. If the book is completely damaged, I will tell her that the seller regrets it and can only refund the money. Thinking about it, there is really a future for the platform. Klein’s thoughts are telegraphed. , said to the radio receiver:
“It’s your turn.”
I want to see what weird questions you can ask, Klein thought silently.
Magic Mirror Arrodes did not pause and typed out lines of rune text:
“Great Master, I have asked and you have answered.”
What happened? Klein was amused and confused as he browsed in front of the illusory white paper, and finally found the so-called question at the very beginning: “Great Master, are you you?”
/I have to say that this magic mirror called Arrodes really has no moral integrity when it comes to pleasing me. However, its way of pairing questions really satisfies the obsessive-compulsive disorder, much like what I used to do. The “” in the self-taught programming language is the same as “”. Klein cleared his throat and continued to ask:
“Why was Roy King imprisoned in the Governor’s Palace?”
The radio receiver spit out illusory white paper and said:
“Ever since the mercury snake of the Life School disappeared, they have been divided internally and have encountered many dangers. Some even died at the hands of the Rose School.
“Roy Jin’s teacher is one of the Destiny Councilors. There was also a problem after the Mercury Snake disappeared. Before that, he handed over an important sealed item from the School