in the blink of an eye, he found that the two people had ducked to the side of the hall, as if they had seen nothing and didn’t care.

“” He ran as hard as he could and rushed out of the mural hall.
Leo Master, who was dressed as a knight in black armor, had eyes that were even more crimson, and he chased after him, completely ignoring Klein and Anderson who were posted on the murals on both sides.
When they left the hall, Klein, who had some suspicions in his mind, took steps forward without hesitation, following behind as fast as a cheetah.
“” Anderson raised his right hand and made two false grabs, but failed to stop Gehrman Sparrow in time.
“This guy was quite sane just now. Why did he suddenly go crazy again? It’s really curious what problem he discovered.” Anderson looked at the square outside, hesitated for a few seconds, and finally chose to follow.
Chasing all the way out of the black monastery and arriving at the area where the “Star Admiral” was, Klein saw Leo Master, who was wearing a linen short robe, avoiding the main character around the boulder and seizing every opportunity to look at the mountain on the opposite side. The projection of the “Giant King’s Court” whispered a prayer in ancient Hermes:
“O Lord who created all;
“You are the All-Knowing One”
After going around another circle, the kind-hearted Leo Master continued to recite:
“You are the source of all greatness, you are the beginning and the end;”
“You are the God of Gods, you are the ruler of the vast star world”
/As this part of the honorary title came to an end, the sea of ??clouds that separated the two mountain peaks suddenly trembled and slowly separated to the left and right, revealing a deep gap with no bottom visible.
The projection of the “Giant King’s Court” on the opposite side suddenly absorbed the frozen dusk in the far distance.
However, nothing happened after that.
Klein had a general understanding. He turned his head and looked up at the building near the black monastery gate. Behind a clean and bright floor-to-ceiling window, the “Mysterious Queen” Bernadette, who was beautiful but people did not dare to get close to her, was quietly staring down. everything that happened.
As expected, she was the one who allowed the kind-hearted Leo Master to escape from his dream. Since the “Listener” of the Aurora Society can take little Jack into the “Forsaken Land”, there is no reason why the “Black Saint” can’t do it. When there was no way ahead and the projection of “The Court of Giants” was seen again, Leo Master’s split personality would definitely want to escape, so he demonstrated to the secret observers how to enter the “Forsaken Palace”. “Earth” Klein withdrew his gaze quite firmly.
As for the reason why Kindness failed to appeal to Leo Master, his judgment is:
Wrong location
You must go deep into this sea area and find a specific place surrounded by danger and weirdness. Then you can recite the name of the Creator of Silver City in the dream brought by the dark night to open the hidden passage of the “Gian