ure of the moment, and the “Red Theater” itself did not enforce it. The girl’s resistance was ineffective and she could only give in. In the end, she did not know who was infected. disease.

The manager of “Red Theater” tried simple treatment, but seeing that there was not much improvement, he kicked her out because the cost of follow-up treatment was obviously much more expensive than buying another girl.
/Not only was the sick girl unable to find a new job, she even had no money to rent a house. Her mother and younger siblings had gone somewhere long ago. They might have died, or they might have been kidnapped and became slaves.
The girl became a homeless person and lived under a bridge, relying on food from charity organizations and some free medicines to support herself for a period of time.
But this was short-lived after all. Her condition became worse and worse, her body became weaker and weaker, and she soon came to the end of her life.
At that moment, she recalled the time when she had the best food and the warmest clothes, recalled some words occasionally spoken by pirates and adventurers, and prayed to the “Poseidon” in a low voice:
“I want to live like a human being”
Klein raised his cane slightly again, only to find that the sealed object had no ability to treat diseases.
He was thinking about buying a batch of potions from Emlyn White in the name of “the world”, but found that the prayer scene was from noon, and the girl had passed away, in the muddy and dirty bridge cave, under the pain and intense pain all over her body. of hunger.
Klein was silent for a while, then raised the angle of the prayer screen to reveal the location of the bridge hole.
After taking note of the characteristics of the nearby streets and surrounding areas, Klein leaned back on his chair, sighed, and smiled without a smile:
“What a humble wish.
“There’s nothing to pretend here. I’ll try my best to bury you like a human being.”
He withdrew his attention and browsed other spots of light, looking for objects that could be truly acted out, but for a while, it was difficult to gain anything.
During this process, Klein noticed that the resistance forces such as Karat and Edmonton held a ceremony, placing a batch of items into the altar and praying to the “Poseidon” for strength.
/This is how the extraordinary “things” they exchanged came to be. It was really different when they reached the level of demigods. Moreover, they were used to not getting an immediate response, and seemed to want those items to stay overnight in the altar. It seemed to Kavitua The sea snake doesn’t respond instantly. It depends on its mood and whether it is sleeping. Otherwise, it can only make some instinctive responses and cannot create extraordinary “things” in batches. Klein picked up the “Poseidon Scepter” and once again Let the blue “jewels” shine brightly.
The majestic spirituality was wonderfully combined, with an extraordinary feeling, flowing into the prayer scene and into the altar, randomly merging with different items.
Some are elec