te in the future.

“Duke Pias, since you have given your explanation now, I will believe you for now.
However, the incident was ultimately caused by the Rocknard family, and the responsibility should still be borne.
My demands are not high. As long as the Locknard family can make up for this loss, I don’t have to worry about this incident! ”
Count Carles’s last-ditch follow-up attack undoubtedly reminded all the nobles present.
Regardless of whether there is a mastermind behind the scenes, the Locknard family must be held responsible for this incident. Otherwise, where can we make up for our losses?
The July Society, that kind of cult organization that is so poor that it only has its life left. Even if they catch the person, they don’t have the money to compensate everyone for the loss!
“Carles is right, this incident was caused by the Locknard family, and they must be held responsible for it.
My demands are not high. As long as His Excellency the Duke can get enough strategic materials and balance the accounts for us, the matter will be over! ”
Count Martinez said with a smile.
In the blink of an eye, he was forced to marry by three of the twelve earls of the kingdom, and Hudson also roughly saw the existence of the circle.
/There is no doubt that these three companies are obviously politically aligned. Otherwise, they would not jump out at this time and attack the Rocknard family together.
In a sense, this was also forced out by Hudson. Originally, everyone was just looking after their own families and trying to find ways to make up for the shortfall.
But as Hudson made the mission clear just now, not only did everyone have to make up for their own shortfalls, but they also had to pay off the accounts of their subordinates to be done.
Without any surprise, Earl Pierce became the biggest unlucky guy. They are both nobles from the southeastern province and have many relatives and friends. Naturally, Hudson will not take less care of him.
Earl Pierce took a fat job, and his younger brother also took a fat job. It was great to make money by reselling strategic materials, but now it is miserable to fill the hole.
To suddenly spend a huge amount of money to make up for the shortfall, even the big nobles would have to break their muscles, let alone the small and medium-sized nobles.
The younger brothers have no money, so they can only choose to mess around. The task of filling the hole fell on the boss.
The aristocrats of the southeastern provinces stepped into a trap too deep and left too big a hole. Even the wealthy and powerful Dalton family could not afford to take the blame.
As a last resort, Earl Pierce had no choice but to bite the Locknard family, hoping to get the person directly responsible to share the losses.
The bandwagon effect is obvious. After someone took the lead, all the nobles present jumped out and claimed damages from Duke Pias.
“Everyone, be quiet for a moment. The Locknard family is certainly to blame for this incident. It is natural for them to bear responsibility.
/But the real