is mind, he immediately took out another sharp arrow and shot it at a rebel leader.

There was a “whoosh” sound, and a rebel leader a hundred meters away was hit by an arrow and fell down.
Within one hundred and fifty meters, anyone caught by him would not escape death. Such a precise hit rate made Hudson doubt that he had become a marksman.
Having more skills at your disposal is ultimately a good thing. Although he didn’t know what was going on, his intuition told Hudson that it was related to the compass’ soul-devouring fire.
/Before that, his archery skills could only be described as basic. With the strength of the knight’s arm, he can draw the strong bow to full strength. The hit rate is limited to within fifty meters. Any further away is a matter of character.
Now with keen perception, he can easily lock on to the target. It’s a pity that although the bow and arrow in his hand are of good quality, they are only ordinary goods. If it had been for the special bows and arrows of the elves, the rebel commander would never have been able to escape today.
Hudson, who got on top, directly started the burst mode. If you see someone you don’t like, just shoot an arrow, and dozens of people will be killed in an instant.
The real version of chicken fighting mode, except that the rifle is replaced by a bow and arrow. However, this does not affect the game experience at all. This kind of wandering on the edge of life and death is even more exciting.
After one quiver was used up, Hudson calmed down and immediately ordered the guards around him: “Shouter after me.”
“The rebellious coach is dead. If you don’t want to die, surrender quickly!”
“The rebellious coach is dead. If you don’t want to die, surrender quickly!”
First there were dozens of people, then hundreds of people, and finally thousands of coalition soldiers shouted. The deafening shouts made the rebel soldiers confused.
Before the leader of the rebel group could finish his words, he was hit by an arrow that Hudson took from the archer and died immediately.
This is just the beginning. Any rebel leader who jumps out to stabilize the morale of the army will receive special care from Hudson’s bows and arrows.
As long as they are within shooting range, they are almost always killed in one hit. As a price, two of the strong bows in Hudson’s hands were scrapped.
No one was in charge of the overall situation, and the rebel soldiers who were disturbed stopped their progress one after another and looked around for the “high priest”.
But the old man in gray robe was nowhere to be seen at this moment. Not only was the coach missing, but even the leader who daily commanded the rebels was now dead and wounded.
Seeing this scene, many rebel soldiers with fragile psychology collapsed on the spot. Facts have proved that the potion of courage is not a panacea.
The prelude to the collapse began. Except for a few die-hards, most rebel soldiers lost their desire to fight.
/The cautious Hudson did not rush to order the entire army to attack, but quietly waited for the reb