target’s physique when making plans.

Seeing that Klein was almost intact from the corner of his eye, Heras’s pupils shrank, he hurriedly stretched out his left palm, pointed in that direction, and said in a low voice:
Klein was pushed away unbearably again, like confetti in a hurricane, fluttering and thrown out of the restaurant. The hall outside burned in the moment, and the fire had become much smaller. It was passing through the wooden stairs, etc. Another wave of disaster was brewing. However, because the main body of the explosion was “confined” in the restaurant, the damage here was not serious.
Seizing this opportunity, Heras turned around suddenly and ran outside without looking back.
Even though the flames covering his body were still burning, he didn’t waste any time to deal with it.
He knew that his condition was extremely bad and that he was in danger of losing control, and the effect of the toxin would reach its extreme soon. Adding the two together, he didn’t think he had the possibility of defeating the intruder, even if there was still a door at the entrance to the underground area. Bayliss of Bit Sequence 7 can help, too
If he continues to fight like this, Heras believes that he will only wait for two endings: poisoning or serious injury and losing control.
Once he decided to run away, he paid no attention to Katie who was still alive.
Klein, who had just stabilized his figure under “exile”, saw this scene. He immediately raised his head slightly, opened his mouth, and let out a scream that was inaudible to humans.
Herath’s head felt dizzy, and his steps immediately paused. Densely transparent blisters appeared on the still intact skin on his body, which was an early sign of losing control.
But he quickly recovered and continued running wildly, escaping from the lawn where the villa belonged.
It’s really hard to kill. In order to avoid an accident, Klein did not pursue him.
He remembered that his purpose was to save people, not to clean up these fallen Extraordinaries.
What’s more important is that he has consumed a lot of energy and suffered serious injuries. If he pursues him, he may not be able to stop Heras’s crazy counterattack.
Klein snapped his fingers and fired an air bullet.
/The bullet entered Katie’s head, ending all her suffering.
Immediately afterwards, Klein turned and flew towards the entrance of the underground area.
Bayliss, who has a beard, has been paying attention to what’s going on outside, but he doesn’t dare to leave his post without permission, for fear that the intruder’s accomplices will take the opportunity to break into the dungeon.
At this moment, holding a high-pressure steam rifle and turning on his spiritual vision, he was frightened by the loud noise and became extremely nervous.
Immediately, he saw the majestic ghost flying towards him, and without hesitation he raised his rifle and pulled the trigger.
White mist spurted out from the barrel, and a sharp pale gold bullet shot forward at an alarming speed.
Klein was