Bishop Jeffers to mobilize even a trace of energy.

These chains are tools specially designed by the Supreme Council to deal with powerful people. They are not simply effective. They need to work together with the patterned array in the entire room to limit the energy in the body of the fifth-level Bishop Jeffers.
“Fifth-level Bishop Jeffers, tell me why you assassinated the Leon Templars. You haven’t committed many crimes in the past thousand years, and it’s even rarer to act as an assassin!” Speaker Gould asked in a deep voice.
/Speaker Gould has information on the fifth-level Bishop Jeffers. This fifth-level evil god believer is extremely low-key and does not take many actions.
Therefore, although the fifth-level Bishop Jeffers is wanted, the wanted merits are not many. With the strength of the fifth-level bishop, the wanted merits are not enough for the powerful to take action.
This is also the way for Bishop Jeffers to save his life. He will carefully calculate the impact on himself every time he takes action, so as not to let his bounty merits reach a dangerous level.
“Speaker Gould, no need to ask me questions, you can punish me however you want!” Bishop Jeffers, the fifth-level bishop, said simply.
/Speaker Gould frowned slightly. He knew that it was not easy to get something from the fifth-level Bishop Jeffers. For such an old monster who had lived for thousands of years, physical punishment was useless, and the fifth-level Bishop Jeffers As a spiritually gifted person, using spiritual interrogation methods is equally useless.
“Then I have no choice but to hand you over to the Temple of War!” Speaker Gould shook his head and said.
The fifth-level Bishop Jeffers remained silent, seemingly unafraid of Speaker Gould’s threat.
Speaker Gould took out the Speaker’s Contact Form and contacted Archbishop McIntyre. This was also the last chance for the fifth-level Bishop Jeffers. If he did not answer the question, Speaker Gould would really hand it over to Archbishop McIntyre. .
The fifth-level Bishop Jeffers just sat there and even closed his eyes.
Speaker Gould entered a message into the contact circle, explaining to Archbishop McIntyre that the murderer of the Leon Templars had been caught and could be handed over to the Temple of War at any time.
While Speaker Gould was waiting for the reply from the Temple of War, the fifth-level Bishop Jeffers suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes full of fear.
“Why, are you scared?” Speaker Gould was a little surprised by the reaction of the fifth-level Bishop Jeffers. He thought it was because the fifth-level Bishop Jeffers was worried about being sent to the Temple of War.
But Speaker Gould soon discovered that something was wrong. The aura of the fifth-level Bishop Jeffers was rapidly weakening.
You must know that in this largest interrogation room of the Supreme Council, bound by several patterned chains, logically speaking, fifth-level Bishop Jeffers cannot commit suicide even if he wants to.
But in front of him, the aura of the fifth-level Bishop Jeffers was c