on the enemy.

To celebrate the good news, he decided to spend the day relaxing at the Cragg Club.
Inside the Cragg Club underground shooting range.
After practicing shooting, Klein carefully maintained the provided revolver and adjusted the ratio of purifying bullets, demon-hunting bullets and exorcist bullets to 3:1:1.
Phew, he breathed out, put away the revolver, straightened his coat, and slowly returned to the lobby on the first floor.
He had just heard the waiter mention that today’s limited supply was pan-fried keel fish.
/As soon as he entered the cafeteria, Klein saw his acquaintance Talim Dumont, an equestrian instructor with short curly brown hair and who came from a poor aristocratic family. His eyes were unfocused and he was eating his lunch without taste.
Klein carried his plate over, sat down, and said hello.
/Talim turned his head and glanced at him, moved his lips a few times, was silent for three or four seconds, and finally muttered:
“Sherlock, do you know that kind of person who has strange abilities, is very powerful, and is rare?”
Got it, the person in front of you is Klein who slightly raised his eyebrows but did not give a direct answer:
“what you up to”
Talim opened his mouth, but said nothing.
He thought solemnly for a while, then forced a smile and said:
“Nothing, I just asked out of curiosity.”
Last time I asked what you should do if you fall in love with someone you shouldn’t love. This time I asked if you know someone with strange abilities. This is because you want to get rid of the other person and completely cut off your thoughts about your friend. Who is worth taking this risk? Please Killer is the same as murder. Klein muttered a few words silently, cut a piece of fish without fine bones and stuffed it into his mouth.
Talim took a breath, quickly finished the food on his plate, and wiped his mouth with a napkin.
He seemed to have returned to normal and said with a smile:
“Mike wants to hire you as his bodyguard for a few days.”
Mike Joseph, the Daily Observer reporter, I remember his performance in “The Golden Rose” was quite good. Klein laughed and said:
“What does Mike want to do again?”
Talim spread his hands and said:
“I don’t know. He just mentioned this casually, and it seemed to be related to an interview assignment. He said he would visit you the day after tomorrow, and I hope you are free to take on this assignment.”
“I’m not sure.” Klein, who didn’t know the specific situation, didn’t give a definite answer.
At this moment, a layer of illusory prayers sounded in his ears, coming from a woman.
Miss “Magician” was ready to sacrifice money in exchange for the formula. Klein sped up, finished the remaining food, drank the black tea in one gulp, and went to the reception desk to ask the waiter to open a lounge for him.
After sealing the room with the “spiritual wall”, he entered above the gray fog and found that his judgment was correct. Miss Magician was applying for a sacrificial ceremony.
The reason Forsi was delayed until now was because she only had