y something, but I saw a photo on the table. I took a second look. Fan Zhen noticed my expression and pushed the photo to me and said, “Have you seen this photo?”

y something, but I saw a photo on the table. I took a second look. Fan Zhen noticed my expression and pushed the photo to me and said, “Have you seen this photo?”
I picked up the photo and looked at it. It looked like a photo of a murder scene, not of us. I was following someone recently, and there were two deceased people in the photo. In fact, I inferred that they were the deceased, because usually the photos placed on Fan Zhen’s desk were of serious crime scenes, and the two people were lying on the ground randomly like this. It should be It won’t be a living person.
/The reason why I found it strange was that these two people seemed to be asleep, but their expressions could be seen as lifeless. There was a smile on their lips, which was a little strange. So I put the photo back, shook my head and said: ” I haven’t seen it
/before.” Fan Zhen put the photo away and said, “This is a case I have been working on recently, because the confidentiality has not been announced to you yet.”
I did not continue to ask questions. Since I came here After this, the most basic thing I learned is not to ask about things that are not within your scope of responsibility, and not to be too curious.
I said, “I have something else to talk to you about.”
Then I told him the details of what happened last night. Fan Zhen listened carefully. He said that Zhang Ziang had already told him some things in the morning. , but not as detailed as mine. Zhang Ziang came to him because he wanted to make arrangements for the Ma Liyang family’s daughter. Fan Zhen told me that the Ma Liyang family’s daughter is the only witness at present, so she needs to be carefully protected, but it is not convenient to keep her here, so she plans to She was temporarily placed at the police station, who was responsible for her safety.
I was a little surprised to hear Fan Zhen say this. Fan Zhen noticed my expression and asked me if I had any opinions. I couldn’t tell but whether it was appropriate or not. Fan Zhen said that he also thought this was the best way at the moment. And it was Zhang Ziang who suggested it.
When I heard this, I knew the deep meaning behind it, so I didn’t say any more. Fan Zhen comforted me and said that they would take care of my safety and told me not to worry. So far, it seems that the murderer doesn’t plan to do anything to me. Otherwise I wouldn’t be standing here.
After that, I came out of Fan Zhen’s office and returned to my own office. I always felt a little uneasy in my heart. This feeling was very strange, as if there was always a doubt somewhere that was disturbing me.
Finally, Zhang Ziang came back, but Sun Yao was not there. I asked him why Sun Yao didn’t come back with him, but Zhang Ziang asked me if Sun Yao was not in the office. Only then did I know that Sun Yao did not go with Zhang Ziang. I was a little unsure. He asked if he might have gone to the room to catch up on his sleep.
So I went to his room, but I didn’t see him. When I called him, it prompted him to turn off his phone. I began to feel some