se that should not be offended.

Normally, everyone is afraid of the Holy See’s strength and influence and dare not act rashly, but the situation has changed recently.
First, the Alpha Kingdom publicly slapped the Holy See in the face, accusing them of colluding with cults and intending to subvert the kingdom’s rule.
Now that such a wave has happened again, everyone suddenly discovered that the awesome Holy See is just that.
When the fear subsides, the desire to make trouble comes up. It was a bit embarrassing to directly challenge the Holy See, but no one was afraid of following the Franks and waving flags.
Even the Alpha Kingdom, which was beaten violently by the orcs, did not forget to create obstacles for them.
/Can an “investigation team” be formed?
A pope who is being investigated by a group of people, what does that mean? It was clear that he wanted to drag the Holy See’s face to the ground and rub it.
The most important thing is that the Holy See cannot withstand the investigation at all. If it is not investigated, it will be charged with these crimes at most. Once investigated, they will be the largest cult organization in mainland China.
In order to make money and weaken the power of various countries, in the past hundred years, more than half of the cult incidents on the mainland have been related to the Holy See.
There are many internal disputes among the human race, and there is also the shadow of the Holy See behind them.
The current situation is even more serious. If we dig deeper, we might even add a charge of colluding with the orcs and betraying the interests of the human race.
With so many crimes added together, not to mention that the Pope is going to die, but the entire Holy See will have to follow suit.
Even if the Lord of the Morning comes in person, he will probably have to think about whether it is worth offending all the believers in order to keep this bunch of rubbish.
“Ulisei, do you have any clues about the Blood Moon Horn?”
Pius VII asked with concern.
He already has enough troubles. If the thunder of “Blood Moon Horn” explodes, Pius VII will really doubt whether his family can withstand the pressure.
He has lost confidence in the Judgment Knights. Those guys who only think about fighting and killing will only make things worse.
Now we can only place our hope in the “divine hand” that has more flexible means and more covert actions.
“Your Majesty, we have now tracked down the Mountain Lord. According to the information collected by intelligence personnel, the Mountain Lord is likely to be a necromancer impersonating him.
The weakest one is a magister, and there is an adult Earth Bear beside him. In addition, there are tens of thousands of troops gathered in the mountain territory, so it is almost impossible to succeed by force.
Our people are communicating with him to see if he can be redeemed. So far, the contact has gone smoothly.
In order to increase the budget, Ulisse lied without shame.
/However, compared with the previous performance of the Judgment Knights, the