oly Sees suddenly appear, I won’t be surprised at all!

Now it depends on which country is willing to take the lead. Anyway, our Alpha Kingdom will most likely follow suit. ”
Longwell said mockingly.
As an earth knight, he had personally practiced on the orc battlefield. But it was just a medium-sized raid south, and only two of the five orc royal courts came.
Even so, the Alpha Kingdom suffered heavy losses. It took 200,000 troops and 500,000 civilian casualties to drive the orcs out.
In Longwell’s view, it was not so much driving the orcs out, but rather relying on the fortress defense line to wear out, which made the orc empire’s logistics weak and forced to withdraw.
It’s not a question of being cowardly or not. No one really wants to face such a difficult big guy like the Orc Empire.
Originally, the invasion of light orcs from the south would be troublesome enough. However, the Holy See is still worried and keeps causing trouble on the mainland.
The last time they supported the Skull and Bones Society, they accidentally exposed the existence of the “Blood Moon Horn”, and the Alpha Kingdom followed the clues and found their way to them.
This time, due to the change in the throne of the Frank Kingdom, the selected supporters had some minor accidents, and accidentally got involved.
There is no doubt that the Holy See’s investment must have failed and it lost all its money. If not, the Pope would not have declared the new king illegal in anger.
It’s a pity that this means nothing. The nobles voted directly with their feet, and the support of the Holy See’s opposition was correct.
Illegal, right?
/After the Holy See announced this decision, all the human nations that were still waiting to see the situation and did not immediately recognize the new king of the Frankish Kingdom expressed their stance and recognized his legitimacy.
As for the lack of the pope participating in the coronation ceremony, it is also very simple, just downgrade it and hold it. If there is no pope to preside, then just pick a random bishop to make up the numbers.
Anyway, this is nothing new. In the Alpha Kingdom, the king appoints an archbishop, and the archbishop presides over the coronation ceremony of the king’s succession.
Now that the two sides have completely fallen out, let’s just play it by ourselves. Anyway, in terms of military strength, the Frankish Kingdom is almost the same as the Holy See.
“Not only these, it is said that the South Bank Kingdom recently had a conflict with the Ash Dwarves, and the Hessian Kingdom had another conflict with the Mountain Dwarves.
/The Dante Kingdom in the east seems to be in conflict with the Elf Kingdom now due to the issue of slave hunting.
There are countless similar small conflicts. It feels like overnight, the human race has become the enemy of the whole world. ”
Magister Antar sighed with emotion.
“Antar, you are making too much fuss. Since we became the overlord of the continent, when have we, the human race, not been the enemy of the entire world?
No matter which race