the ancient Fussac language the two were currently talking to, or the daily Loen language, because Tis language, these are two completely different words.

This shows that in the heart of the “Mysterious Queen”, Emperor Russell is not an angel, but a father… Klein calmed down and asked thoughtfully:
“Why do you feel like this?”
Bernadette retracted her gaze from the vine swing and said in her soft voice:
“Although the last stage of his life was crazy and radical, nothing was unarranged. I believe he must have made some preparations for himself.
“You should know that in his later years, he tried to cross paths and attack the vacant ‘Black Emperor’ throne, which required the establishment of nine pyramid-style secret tombs.
“If he has become the ‘Black Emperor’, then he can definitely wake up from this mausoleum. If he fails, I think there may be a possibility of resurrection…”
Bernadette spoke softer and softer, and by the end, her voice was so vague that it was difficult to distinguish.
You’re not that confident either… It’s more of an expectation and hope… Klein felt a sigh of relief after hearing this.
Suddenly, he remembered something said by Nast, the “King of the Five Seas”:
Emperor Russell liked to stand in front of a certain row of floor-to-ceiling windows and look to the west.
From Russell’s diary, Klein knew that he had discovered the entrance to the abyss and a primitive island in the misty sea to the west of Intis, and believed that it was full of weird things and worth exploring.
Could it be that… Emperor Russell built the last secret mausoleum in the abyss, or on that primitive island? Klein thought for a while, then curled his lips and said:
“You seem to know a lot about the ‘Black Emperor’ path.”
He suspected that Emperor Russell left a “Black Emperor” card as a bookmark and used Bernadette’s ancient Fussac name as an opening spell. Part of his idea was to inform his daughter of the corresponding ritual. As a result, Bernadette It seems that I got this information from other sources.
The “Queen of Mystery”‘s lips, which were not covered by the veil, had a less obvious arc:
“I have been pursuing this matter for more than a hundred years, and in order to clarify the details, I have endured the knowledge infusion from the ‘Hidden Sage’.
“It can be seen that you, and Mr. Fool behind you, also have a deep understanding of this… I have always been curious, why are you so interested in his affairs?”
/Judging from the current situation, in terms of seniority, you have to call me uncle… The Emperor and I are probably “roommates” who have been together for many years… Klein used complaints to relieve the gloomy and gloomy mood in his heart, and his tone was nonchalant. He replied undulatingly:
“You can ask this question to Mr. Fool.”
The “Queen of Mystery” was not surprised by Gehrman Sparrow’s response, and turned her gaze to the west, to a place far away.
Although he couldn’t see Bernadette’s eyes, Klein could vaguely feel that this lady was looking at the place where she li