ong as the war is over, the kingdom’s dependence on the outside world will decrease.

The situation of sharp decline in import trade volume and continuous outflow of gold and silver will gradually be changed.
Through mining and trade with the Orc Empire, the amount of currency circulating in the market will slowly increase until the “money shortage” crisis is overcome.
As for the economic pain experienced during this process, no one has a good way to solve it and can only fight it through.
Rubbing his forehead, Hudson also looked embarrassed. Theoretically speaking, if a “money shortage” occurs, all we need to do is increase the money supply.
Unfortunately, this theory is not feasible in the Aslant continent. Under the gold and silver currency system, it is difficult to increase the money supply in a short period of time.
“Paper money”, just think about it.
Under the current basic conditions, if the Alpha Kingdom dares to be the first in the world to issue banknotes, it will immediately be taught by the market.
Changing the monetary system is different from the previous gold tickets issued by the Near East Development Bank, which requires very strong credibility.
The value of paper money will not be recognized internationally, and the nobles within the kingdom will most likely not accept “paper money” as a replacement for gold and silver.
If you really have no money, it is easier to accept rusty iron coins than “paper money”.
Compared with paper money, the gold tickets issued by the Near East Development Bank are just a small game for Hudson. Only a few hundred thousand copies have been printed in total, and not all of them have been released yet.
In the eyes of the outside world, this thing is just an anonymous deposit certificate and is not considered currency at all.
/The top chambers of commerce all issue their own business tickets, but they have different names. Those linked to gold coins are called gold tickets, and those linked to silver coins are called silver notes.
/Without exception, the circulation of these notes was very small. It can only be used in certain areas and has great limitations.
If the golden tickets issued by Hudson were not linked to the territory’s commodity trading, even dogs would probably dislike it.
In the eyes of the outside world, this thing was created by Hudson to facilitate transactions. It can be used in Mr. Ha’s fiefdom, and it will be a waste of paper if you leave here.
For this thing to replace gold coins and become the mainstream currency on the market, it is estimated that Hudson will have to destroy the Orc Empire and establish a great human empire of his own.
“The money shortage has become a foregone conclusion. And this situation will continue for several years. How is the Ministry of Government prepared to respond?”
Hudson asked concerned.
If the monetary system changes are too advanced, it can only be solved in primitive ways. In this regard, Hudson was not necessarily as good as the native territorial officials.
“Your Excellency, the money shortag