ccording to historical records, when there is a divine metaphor to arrest a certain strong man, the five major temples will receive the news and cooperate with the action. Why is it that only the War Temple received the news this time, and there is no news from our side?” An Archbishop Burrows thought of another point and said.

Behind the five major temples are five gods. According to past experience, the five major temples cooperate with each other to capture the strong man.
There is an extremely close connection between the five gods. It is indeed a bit strange that he obviously acted alone without notifying the other four gods.
You must know about the communication between gods. If things are normal, the gods’ thoughts will be automatically processed and a divine message will be sent to the temple in the main world, which will not affect the time of the gods.
/“Let’s just watch the show. The Supreme Council will wait until the Temple of War captures Lord Arthur!” Archbishop Julian said with a smile.
In fact, the four archbishops did not believe that Lord Arthur could escape the capture of the Temple of War. The most critical thing was that the artifact ‘Knight Forbidden Card’ was taken out by Archbishop Guy.
Don’t look at it. Lord Arthur successfully repelled the attack of the War Temple and caused heavy losses to the War Temple.
But as long as he gets close to a certain distance, Archbishop Guy can activate the artifact ‘Knight Restriction Card’ to make Lord Arthur lose his fighting power.
In the aristocratic circle, the most exciting news is that the Temple of War sent a large number of priests to attack Lord Arthur, but they were repelled by the defensive weapons of Garmis.
The news spread also specifically stated that the War Temple was attacked by the War Temple without any notification or any explanation of Lord Arthur’s crimes.
Among the nobles, those with a little bit of brains all understood that this was a provocation by the War Temple to the entire aristocratic system.
The five major temples do not interfere in secular affairs, and all matters are passed through the Supreme Council, especially when it comes to the top nobles. Even if the top nobles have committed unforgivable crimes, they need to be removed from their titles before being arrested.
As long as the title of the top nobles remains, it is sacred and inviolable. This is also the basis for the existence of the aristocratic system.
The privilege of the nobility is the manifestation of the noble title, and the title is earned by the nobles for their contribution to the divine world.
Once the privileges of the nobility can be trampled on at will, what meaning does the status of a nobility have?
A little spark of fire rose among the nobles of the divine world. At this time, these sparks were still in their infancy, but the potential for a prairie fire was already a sign.
Other forces also saw the relationship, such as the Twilight of the Gods organization, which encouraged all the forces of evil god believers they could influence.