out to press down on David with two hands flashing with divine patterns.

Once touched by these two hands shining with divine patterns, the strongest control abilities of the two evil gods can take effect.
It’s just that David was faster. He came first, and his hands were a beat faster than the two divine beings, and they hit the divine being’s body.
David was very disappointed. He originally planned to have a good fight with the ‘God of Evil’ and the ‘God of Blood’.
However, the strength of the descending bodies of the ‘God of Evil’ and ‘God of Blood’ is too weak. In the Interstellar Federation, the strength of the descending bodies of gods has been suppressed to the early stage of level five.
/In addition, although the natural abilities of the two evil gods are weird, they are still far from being able to threaten David.
David’s two blows carried the ‘rule of destruction energy’. After hitting the two divine bodies, the divine bodies exploded together.
The bodies of the two divine envoys turned into blood mist, and the sea of ??blood and the illusion in the room disappeared at the same time.
The two gods had nowhere to escape, and just as they were about to return to the statue, they were absorbed by the Shadow Warriors.
After a short battle, only four third-level evil god believers and two statues of gods who had lost their spiritual thoughts were left in the room.
David’s spirit wrapped around the two statues, and the two statues disappeared into the room and were collected into the space pendant by him.
/Statues of gods are extremely valuable, and at least David has not yet obtained the method to make them.
“It’s time to take action!” David issued an order on his identity bracelet.
This order was transmitted through Skynet to all star regions of the Interstellar Federation.
Just when David killed the two divine envoys and Shadow Attendant absorbed the two divine thoughts, the evil god believers all over the divine world felt their bodies weaken at the same time.
They were horrified to find that their connection with the gods had disappeared, and the two-way faith channel was severed.
There is only one possibility for this to happen, and that is that something happened to the statue that came to the Interstellar Federation with them this time.
Before the followers of the evil god could find out the reason, the military action team appeared. Without the support of the idols, these followers of the evil god lost all their combat effectiveness.
The soldiers dispatched by the military successfully captured the followers of the evil god on various planets of the Interstellar Federation with ease.
If the two idols are not solved, it will be difficult for the Interstellar Federation to move these evil god believers without paying a huge price.
On the battle star, groups of law enforcement soldiers were dispatched, and a high-ranking federal man was arrested. Within the federation, the accounts of more than a dozen consortiums and forces were sealed, and investigators were stationed in these consortiums