Galen’s extraordinary power to find out the organization.

He edited the entire incident into a message and sent it to Galen Chao Chao.
A minute later, he received Galen’s extraordinary reply: “David, you and Furness come to the Summit Hotel immediately. I’ll wait for you in the basement!”
Fifteen minutes later, David and Furness appeared at the entrance of the Summit Hotel. At this time, four special service soldiers wearing flowing exoskeleton armor and a second-level warhammer stood at the door of the hotel.
It can be seen that the Summit Hotel is blocked. From the moment you enter the lobby, you can only see the waiters busy and not a single guest.
“The apprenticeship ceremony will be held here tonight, so the venue is reserved, but why are there soldiers from the special service team showing up?” Furness also said very strangely.
“Uncle Galen asked us to go to the basement, so hurry up!” David urged.
After the two entered the elevator, the elevator automatically headed to the third underground floor.
When the elevator door opened, David saw that this was a laboratory. Some researchers wearing protective suits were communicating something. All the walls were made of transparent glass, making the basement clearly visible despite its large size.
David also saw Galen Chaofan, who was in the innermost glass room, with two special service soldiers standing beside him.
On the chair directly opposite Galen’s extraordinary figure sat a man with a hood covering his head.
/David immediately recognized Master Tony from the sultry apple green pants and pink waistcoat on his upper body.
David couldn’t help but marvel at the speed of Galen’s extraordinary actions. How long had it taken? After he reported to Galen’s extraordinary, he rushed over immediately. Unexpectedly, Master Tony had already been captured.
“David, I’m waiting for you!” Galen stepped forward with a smile and patted David on the shoulder. Then he glanced at Furness, and then continued: “Furness, go back and give me a retreat. Yue, you’re not allowed to run around, it’s really okay, you were hypnotized by a fashion designer!”
“Yes, teacher!” Furness responded timidly.
“Fortunately, David knew about this matter. If other forces knew about it, it would become everyone’s joke!” Galen Chaofan was obviously still a little angry and continued.
Furness’s head dropped even lower.
“Uncle Galen, have you tried Tony?” David quickly interrupted.
“No, I’ll wait for you to watch the interrogation process!” Galen Chaorian shook his head and replied. He looked at Master Tony, gave up and continued talking about Furness.
Furness gratefully expressed his gratitude to David.
Galen came to Master Tony’s side and reached out to take off the hood, revealing Master Tony’s young face.
“This face is so finely made that it can almost look real!” Galen Chaofan said in a deep voice after carefully examining Master Tony’s face.
In this day and age, it’s not easy to impersonate someone. It’s not something you can do by changing your appearance.
The identity bracel