respect to any brave knight.

A fifth-level light long sword appeared in his hand. The best response to such a knight is to kill him with his own hands.
The fourteen lords did not interfere. They also expressed their respect and wanted to give Mickey the fifth-level Templar an honorable death.
Relief flashed in Mickey’s eyes as a fifth-level Templar. In any case, it would be much better for a knight to die in the hands of a powerful opponent than to die on his bed.
However, he was unwilling to give in. When he was halfway through the charge, his heart sea space exploded instantly, and crazy blood power poured out from the heart sea space.
/Mickey’s fifth-level Templar became a blood man in just an instant. The explosive blood power first destroyed the enemy’s body before attacking him.
At the same time, an energy clone flew out of Mickey’s fifth-level Templar body, grabbed Dorothea in his hand, and flew away into the distance.
At the last moment, Mickey’s fifth-level Templar did not choose to escape on his own, but wanted to use energy clones to preserve some blood for the Morse family.
He did not choose a male descendant in the family, partly because no male descendant had the courage to charge with him, and on the other hand, he also understood that Speaker Gould would never allow a male descendant to escape.
Every time Mickey’s fifth-level Templar was one meter closer to Speaker Gould, the blood on his body became richer.
No matter how the explosive fifth-level bloodline power explodes, it is still the fifth-level bloodline power. The legendary bloodline power of Speaker Gould is gathered on the fifth-level light long sword in his hand.
The legendary bloodline power on the fifth-level light long sword easily broke through the fifth-level bloodline power of Mickey’s fifth-level Templar, but the sudden burst of quantity was still defeated by the stronger quality.
The power of the legendary bloodline entered the body of Mickey’s fifth-level Templar, destroying the vitality in his body.
“This is the power of the legendary level!” A trace of satisfaction and a trace of helplessness appeared on the face of Mickey’s fifth-level Templar. He finally said softly: “Thank you!”
Mickey’s lifeless body of the fifth-level Templar fell from the air, and the energy clone in the distance also disappeared.
“Let her go and leave some blood to the direct descendants of the Morse family!” Speaker Gould said to the lords on the side.
There was no objection from the lord. Although they were not Lord Arthur, they did not have the decisiveness of Lord Arthur.
Of course, Lord Arthur generally would not kill these weaklings with his own hands, but would choose to let a clone act on his own.
David only learned about the destruction of the Morse family after receiving the news from Speaker Gould.
I have to say that Speaker Gould knew him very well, and he also expressed his gratitude to Speaker Gould, which indeed saved him time.
You must know that it will be risky for David to leave Garmis now. If the War Temple predicts his